By justlittleoldme / Wednesday 25 July 2012 21:05 / United States - Sarona
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By  cloak057_fml  |  8

I think you need to see a psychiatrist

  MCRaddict15  |  15

And maybe OP knew that if he didn't 'kill' the dogs, they would get angry, and to keep them quiet he did what they said. It doesn't mean OP needs a psychiatrist.

  22cute  |  17

Actually, Op did a very kind & intelligent thing by playing along. He attacked their fears and defended their dignity. Works with little kids & imaginary monsters too!

  glittercookies  |  12

As a psychology student, we learn a lot about these sort of things going on in nursing homes. My friend works in one. She said there was a man who thought his room was the ocean. And you could not enter without pretending to "paddle" your way to the bed on an imaginary boat.

  Justin0481  |  5

Actually 52, the plot could be ok. Think about the game as this; youre working with the elderly (or mental patients) and you go around the hospital getting random missions like the dog killing ones. Every so often a patient doesn't take his/her meds so you chase them around... Okay I've gotten bored. Nvm.


I was saying kills not score but if you must... 10 points a hit 3 bullets a kill, 10 x 3 x around 300 of the dogs, rest melee'd, so 9000 points, 150 x 10 x 1 melee hit would be 1500 points, 100 points per dog kill, so 300 x 100 is 90000 points, 100 of them headshots so add 30, 100 x 30 is 3000 points, 130 points per melee so 130 x 150 is 100 x 100 + 30 x 50 is 10000 + 1500 is 11500 + 9000 + 1500 + 90000 + 3000 = 20500 + 94500 = 110000 points.

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