By justlittleoldme - 25/07/2012 21:05 - United States - Sarona

Today, at work in a nursing home, I had to kill imaginary dogs in the lunch room, because they were evil and trying to eat everyone. This started with just one person seeing them, to all 30 of them screaming and freaking out. I spent 45 minutes killing imaginary dogs. FML
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They weren't seeing dogs, they were just bored.

50 points a kill, you'll prestige in no time!


50 points a kill, you'll prestige in no time!

Haha yeah killing imaginary dogs. This has got to be one of the randomest FMLs.

Job contract: must be willing to assist the elderly in whatever way necessary. Previous experience with monster hunting may be an asset.

Take some Lysol spray it around, tell them it is dog or what ever repellant.

40 - That's what I was thinking! I wonder how many of them were really "seeing" the dogs! ;)

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88- jesus **** man that profile picture is already burned into my brain

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and we though old people were boring. they have fun watching us run around and look like idiots

The FML combined with the comment made me laugh so ******* hard

the power of suggestion just wasted 45 minutes of your day

LoL! FYL op, but not for what you think! I'm betting they were ******* with you just to watch you jump around like an idiot!

They weren't seeing dogs, they were just bored.

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Who let the dogs out? ...... too cheesy?... Pardon me, then..

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that was my exact thought when they made him "kill the evil dogs"! old people can be hilarious and great pranksters!

@18 I down voted that just for getting the damn song stuck in my head again.

They probably did that for entertainment. Lol

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what did they ever do to you?

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They were evil, they were trying to eat everyone. OP would have gotten fired if all his patients got eaten at one time.

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I bet they were all just ******* with you and laughed about when you left

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I think you need to see a psychiatrist

Nymphetamatrix 19

Why? It was the elders at the nursing home who 'saw' the imaginary dogs.

And maybe OP knew that if he didn't 'kill' the dogs, they would get angry, and to keep them quiet he did what they said. It doesn't mean OP needs a psychiatrist.

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Actually, Op did a very kind & intelligent thing by playing along. He attacked their fears and defended their dignity. Works with little kids & imaginary monsters too!

As a psychology student, we learn a lot about these sort of things going on in nursing homes. My friend works in one. She said there was a man who thought his room was the ocean. And you could not enter without pretending to "paddle" your way to the bed on an imaginary boat.

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This is not a video game because..?

Because the plot is too short, uncreative and simple storyline, and you can't see the dogs but they can see you (which may frustrate the player).

Actually 52, the plot could be ok. Think about the game as this; youre working with the elderly (or mental patients) and you go around the hospital getting random missions like the dog killing ones. Every so often a patient doesn't take his/her meds so you chase them around... Okay I've gotten bored. Nvm.

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Hero status achieved. All in a day's work, huh?

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Let's see... About 10 dogs a minute and 45 minutes... I would say about 450.

mrnuleef 7

Gotta calculate multipliers for melee kills and head shots.

I was saying kills not score but if you must... 10 points a hit 3 bullets a kill, 10 x 3 x around 300 of the dogs, rest melee'd, so 9000 points, 150 x 10 x 1 melee hit would be 1500 points, 100 points per dog kill, so 300 x 100 is 90000 points, 100 of them headshots so add 30, 100 x 30 is 3000 points, 130 points per melee so 130 x 150 is 100 x 100 + 30 x 50 is 10000 + 1500 is 11500 + 9000 + 1500 + 90000 + 3000 = 20500 + 94500 = 110000 points.

I wish my bank account worked like that.

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I hope so! Lol maybe the other people working their joined in.