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By forgottenbday - 11/07/2012 05:09 - United States - Canoga Park

Today, my boyfriend treated me to a surprise romantic dinner, got me a huge balloon bouquet, a dozen roses, and a beautiful card for my birthday. Too bad it's his ex's birthday and not mine. FML
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perdix 29

Shut up and enjoy it. Next week, tell him about his error and you'll get double dinners, double flowers, etc. this year. Sounds like a plan, doesn't it?

:( It was a simple slip of the mind. At least he still did something really nice and sweet for you! :)


icrest80 4

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I just spent 5 actual minutes trying to understand what 30 said...... I've come to the conclusion that...he's just ****** up.

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Would you rather it was your birthday and he gave all those things to her? Proof that it could be a lot worse.

i agree w/ 78. now, if you last, you'll get two awesome romantic birthday dinners in a year. :)

ThisIsMyReign 4

76 - There is a name for that it's called "******* Disgusting".

UltimateGIRness 16

Don't tell him his mistake,he's doing nice stuff for you for absolutely no reason,enjoy it

He wasn't doing it for no reason, he was doing it because he thought it was his girlfriend's birthday. He confused her birthday with his ex's. It's not exactly romantic. Did you read the full fml? ^^

yanksby7 6

Yes...but that doesn't change the fact that he wanted to make his current girl feel special on what he thought was her birthday. Mistakes's the thought that counts

Yeah of course he did a great thing and seems to care about her, I was just clarifying to the guy that he did it for an event on the wrong day.

UltimateGIRness 16

21-ok I give you credit for that,I didn't really pay attention so I probably need to just stop talking or pay better attention

:( It was a simple slip of the mind. At least he still did something really nice and sweet for you! :)

Listerinekiss_fml 7

Men have a hard time remembering dates, so what, he messed up but at least he bought all that nice stuff for you and not his ex

At least he got mixed up with the dates and not the girls!

Why is OP bitching about a nice date? Her boyfriend was trying to be nice and she's bitching about it

Wow, no need to say she's bitching. Whether or not he was trying to be nice isn't the point, it's the fact that he mixed up his current GF with his ex GF - never good no matter which way you look at it. If the FML was "Today, my girlfriend told me that I mixed up her and my ex GFs birthdays when I spent £100 on her last week. Her REAL birthday is a month. Guess I'm going to have to do it again. FML" a hell of a lot of people would be complaining that OP is a greedy bitch for not telling him.

TayonaC 10

My dad messed up my birthday and he's been with me all my life. Some guys just aren't good with remembering dates. He may have slipped up but at least it was a nice gesture

lottievaughn 5

My ex and my fiancé's birthdays are 1 year and 1 day apart. Just my luck! But hey, sorry about your luck OP. Initially I'd be upset too, but I'm sure he doesn't feel any better about the situation! At least he didn't mix up your anniversary! Look at it this way, it may be some other girls birthday, but he genuinely thought it was yours and was thinking about how to make YOU happy. Obviously his ex didn't even cross his mind or else he would have scratched his plans and wouldn't have gone all out for you. This is just a funny story to tell the grandchildren. ;)

Hey, the point is that he gave those things to you not his ex. That was his intention. Give him a break. He probably feels really stupid & embarrassed already.

I know right? Don't knock a guy when he's doing something sweet. all us guys have bad memory's. It's the thought that counts is what you girls tell us anyways right?

perdix 29

Shut up and enjoy it. Next week, tell him about his error and you'll get double dinners, double flowers, etc. this year. Sounds like a plan, doesn't it?

thatKidzmOm 10

I don't know, perdix, I would have a hard time hiding the anger and disappointment long enough to enjoy the gifts. I had to screen shot this FML and send it to my bf...all he could say was wow, wtf. I'm fairly certain he'll be extra careful from now on. :)

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perdix 29

Because he's still in love with his ex, that's how.

Or because he's a normal person that makes mistakes. It's hard remembering people's birthdays!

Nope, he is absolutely still in love or lust with his ex

I set reminders on my online calendar for stuff like this and have them repeat every year -- but sometimes I'm too vague. I could see something like "Plan romantic birthday dinner!" popping up and me not realizing it was still set for the ex's birthday. Regardless, his heart was in the right place, even if his date-association wasn't. I'd certainly point out the error (I'm guessing the OP may have already done so, as she knows it was his ex's birthday and not just him somehow getting the date wrong), and yeah, he'll probably come through on her actual birthday, too... and maybe even in just a few days, as well, by way of apology.

I could ask my boyfriend, brother and dad when my bday is. Only my boyfriend would remember. That's just how guys are; they usually have trouble with dates- which is why women always remember because we have a steel trap for those things... And mistakes you made that we can hold against you ;)

Hmmmm who will he be fantasizing about when you have (non) birthday sex?

perdix 29

#38, I don't want to bust your chops because you are not the only one, but it's remarkable how people can make stereotypical generalizations about men and they get away with it. Can you imagine the reaction if you said that black people can't remember dates? I am excellent with birthdays and anniversaries, so your sexist remark about my gender doesn't hold water. I don't expect anyone to rush to my aid, though.

TheDrifter 23

I'd help you Perdix, but I managed to forget my own birthday until the kids called last year. Theirs, the ol lady's and my anniversary I got covered though, I filed them in the "personal safety" section of my brain.

nitemastr15 17

#63, I'm a guy and terrible with dates. It's generally true that men get dates confused. She wasn't saying all men are bad with dates and I'm not either, but many men are. I forget my own birthday all the time. Now quit being so damn sensitive, put on your big girl panties, and STFU.

Perdix, I'm willing to rush to your aid! It's not fair to zero in on males in particular. From my experience, it's not uncommon to mix up/forget people's birthdays. Same goes with phone numbers. Speaking of forgetting birthdays, tomorrow's my birthday guys, I expect you all to remember! Hehe

perdix 29

#82, according to your profile, TODAY is your birthday! So, happy birthday!

I'd agree with you too, Perdix. If there was an FML with comments on a stereotype about women, people would be infuriated.

klovemachine 24

Happy early birthday 91!!! :)

thatKidzmOm 10

FML shows my birthday a day before it actually is too. Hummmm... Anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

105 - really?! Strange. But thanks guys!! :')

#63 just because you are one of the few men out there that have excellent retention for dates, doesn't mean that facts and stats on men not remembering dates is sexist. Saying one gender has better retention for one thing over the other isn't sexist. Saying men are statistically better at math while women usually languages isn't sexist. Its fact. We aren't saying every single man out there is bad with this, just the general male population has a harder time retaining dates then the female population.

The_F3rris 11

Im a woman and Im better at math than anything else. And I smoke pot and got straight As in school. People come in all flavors.

Disappointment abounds everywhere. At least he was thinking about you OP!

smydiwannafthata 5

Just change your birthday. And the name, and the look. And... Why can't you be just like his ex? FYL.

TarieBoo 2

It's an understandable mistake. If his intentions had anything to do with his ex it would have been her getting all those romantic gestures. Sounds like you're over reading it.

At least he did that! Be grateful OP, think of the positive, not the negative. ;)

mhopper 13

Boys rarely remember things like that! Just enjoy it anyways and appreciate the gesture. One day your birthday will forever be burned into his memory.

Why does he have to do that only on her birthday? Maybe it was just a nice thing to do for her.