By blacklove - 12/02/2010 20:19 - United States

Today, I got a rose from my boyfriend. The card read, "It's over." FML
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at least u got a rose...?


Ajjas013 6

He knows how to keep it short and sweet :)

Hurr hurr, my comment has nothing to do with the first post but I'm gonna reply here anyway! I guess I should put a disclaimer here stating that I'm imitating the above poster, since my last comment like this was moderated by someone thinking I was serious.

Ajjas013 6

I'm glad you feel the same way Freeze.

He obviously had a reason to do it and he tried to do it in a way that might not hurt so much. He still got her a rose. Although with all these breakup/divorce FMLs the trend seems to be blaming the guy. These things go both ways.

ouch at least u got a rose out of it. :)

i doubt that's all he kept short and sweet.

i always am. innuendo intended. ;)

ahh he was clever... probably won't ever find a guy as sharp as that one.

sharp like a prick. from a rose! get out of the gutter!

you would like that wouldent you fag

Ajjas013 6

I can see where we agree here, but Freeze does make a good point here and there.

I feel loved.

Whatta douche.

Breakups happen get over it.

at least u got a rose...?

Har har :)

Could've been just a post-it. This is a fairly nice, albeit cowardly, break up. Not every relationship lasts but it still sucks to get dumped. Sorry OP

light a paperbag inside put dog crap ring his doorbell and run attached a note "I thought you were hot you peice of shit burn in hell "

He was trying to soften the blow.

what an asshole. thats such an idiotic way to dump someone

Ajjas013 6

Right, he should of killed her family and then given her a red rose symbolizing the blood her family spilled instead. That's a much more humane way to dump someone :)

whoa, just whoa on the violence. poor op expected something cute and got dumped. he is lucky his family is still intact.. along with other things..

Ajjas013 6

Chop his penis off and do the following steps: 1. Cut a hole in the box 2. Stick his junk in that box 3. Make him open that box That's the way you do it~

LOL - you sound a bit bitter #3. My guess is you have had a similar breakup.

Ajjas, dear, have i told you i loves you? total WIN! :P

Ajjas013 6

Yes Ninja, you just have :)

xundria 5

@Ajjas: Amazing quote from Lonely Island. Fits perfectly in this situation, kudos sir. @OP: If you were going out for quite a while, and you didn't do anything to him, FYL. However, if you were only together for a short amount of time, or you did something brutal to him then I say YDI. (amidoinitrite?) @Jesus: why do you hate me? :(

okay, ajjas, just checkin'. :P 73, jesus loves you. he whispered it in my ear.

xundria 5

He does?! Why did he lie to me then? T_T

Ajjas013 6

He works at the car store. Pronounced: (Hay-Zeus) learn that name. It'll be up in lights one day.

xundria 5

@Ajjas: Oh! I saw that guy the other day, I think? He gave me the wrong parts for my car, he's a big jerk.

what a tool. he should change his name. poserr.

Ajjas013 6

It's called Vegas. Full of fake hookers with fake tits dating fake Jesuses.

ewe fake tits D:

xundria 5

@Ninja: I agree! Isn't there some other guy that's supposedly named Jesus, that's supposed to be omniscient and omnipotent, or something like that? @Ajjas: Ohhhh, is it nice in Vegas this time of the year? Maybe I may visit to see some of these "Jesus" fakes. =O (Damn my comments getting moved)

Ajjas013 6

Yes Ninja. It's called augmentation. Beware, the Jesuses look like hobos and have a night job of handing out porno playing cards to innocent passerbys. They tend to target families of five.

xundria 5

Hobos? Oh snap, I don't stand a chance. They may jump me and take my booze and -gets horrible mental images- I'll just stay here, thank you for the warning!

i live in a family of six. i can go to Vegas and not get attacked by hay-zeus hobos. *dance*

Ajjas013 6

That doesn't mean they won't attack. They're all Latino too. I'm just sayin'.

i'm scared. and i'm a few thousand miles for these poser hobo freaks. *hides*

xundria 5

Latino!? hmm... Maybe if I throw taco shells, beef, and cheese at them they will be too distracted making burritos to notice...

Ajjas013 6

@107 Racism isn't cool. @Ninja: PM me, I'll tell you all about it. It's real.

xundria 5

I wasn't being racist! I want some burritos now. :(

That was stereotyping, not racism.

xundria 5

^ What he said. 'cept, I wasn't being serious. =P

Ajjas013 6

So if I stereotype blacks with fried chicken that's not racist?

xundria 5

Nope, just pointing out a well-known stereotype.

i'm thinking it's a race stereotype.. making you both right.

xundria 5

Well, a stereotype is usually to a certain group of people. Though technically it could be considered racist, 'cause what else group of people would you say something like that to? Well, that is if you consider Mexicans, Latinos, etc etc to be all the same, in which case it's different races bringing us back to it being a stereotype... my brain hurts.

Ajjas013 6

Exactly, I win after all :) By the way I in no way meant any racism to black people. I'm sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings. I love fried chicken too :)

xundria 5

Popeyes chicken is the shiz'nit. Just saying. :]

No, you don't win. Race stereotyping is stereotyping someone by a race. Racism is treating others in a less superior manner because of their race. Associating blacks with fried chicken is stereotyping, not racism.

xundria 5

Calm down Freeze, it'll all be okay. I promise.

anndd we all lived happily ever after. except the chickens. *sad face*

Ajjas013 6

I'll remember that after I get over the shock of you saying something intelligent. Very good point you make though. Bravo, freeze, bravo.

xundria 5

@Ninja: It's okay, the chickens lived a horrible life so they're better off dead, and in a better place... our stomachs! Why, they're tasty as well and make good snacks for the kiddos!

xundria 5

Now we all live happily ever after! With stuffed tummys full of chicken!

amen to that! where'd ay-double j-ay-ess go?

Ajjas013 6

I'm here. I've been here. I just didn't find any reason to comment. If you want me to then I will: xundra, your comments are childish and you're not funny.

xundria 5

Sorry Ajjas, just very bored at the moment. /sigh

Ajjas013 6

I didn't mean to bring you down, but while I'm at it, your picture is quite annoying too.

xundria 5

well that's not very nice. Why is it annoying?

haha right on #39

Ajjas013 6

Ninja! Why did you block me?

Ajjas isn't fun anymore. He was kidding around. Now it's just rude :/ What if I said you weren't funny and your picture was annoying? xundria is just having fun and you're sort of ruining. Come back when you find yourself a good sense of humor and optimism. Ninja blocked you because you became rude. Here on the Internet we don't like downers and trolls.

stereotyping blacks and chicken isn't stereotyping or racism... it's funny lol :p

it's all the same

Ajjas013 6

@169 Yeah I guess you're right. I shouldn't of done that. I'm sorry xundria :) When I go back and read the thread I laugh, so I take it back. And no, Ninja probably blocked me on accident.

i did. ignore my failing, it's normal.

wow that sucks

what a tool. tell him to bend over and stick the rose up his ass

Awww that's really sad :( ....but it's my birthday Valentine's day :D I'll be 18, and i'm excited to go and buy myself an alcoholic drink (Y)

i'm jealous. I wish the drinking age was 18 instead of 21 here in the states!!

wow I feel dumb I was like where the eff can you get a drink at 18 then I remembered.......Ooooo CANADA

lol im twelve and ive had more alcoholiv drinks than yhu x3

you've probably never touched a drop of alcohol in your life shut yo 12 ass up

yeah like that's really something to brag about

Oh, and I guess you feel all cool and mature since you have? You're a child. Enjoy it while you can. Stop trying to grow up quickly and drink alcohol. By the way, learn how to spell properly. You sound like a dumbass.

no its not . im not braggin i was just sayin it was fnny . sheesh clm down lmfao

wow lol you feel really good about yourself right now dnt you ? yeah well imma let u enjoy that :D

Drinking age in Canada is 19.

some provinces its 18

In reply to DemonChicken... The answer is PRETTY MUCH ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD APART FROM USA. Infact, in most places in Europe you can buy yourself a beer from the age of 16. The happy birthday girl is from the UK. To DemonChicken: There is a world outside your continent. To Maxine17: Happy birthday and enjoy your first (legal) drink!

This is the only thing brii will achieve in life.

Just so you know, I'm from England :)

the rose was nice........

lmao-such an optimist

ooooh, that sucks so hard. in time, you'll be glad to be rid of him

he's a jerk but at least you got a rose. poke him with one of the thorns