By fledermausi - 12/06/2012 13:02 - Hungary - Budapest

Today, I came home to my boyfriend emptying his bowels into my aquarium. FML
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I suppose this isn't the time to say, "well that's a fishy situation"...


I suppose this isn't the time to say, "well that's a fishy situation"...

blcksocks 19

No, it's not :) And neither is "that's a shitty situation"

It could be a turtle, snake, or other non-fishy tank creatures so you never know

olpally 32
olpally 32

Sorry.. That was meant for #9, FML stupid lag :(

This has nothing to do with the fml but you look so much like one of the bouncers where I work

OP: "oh hunny, you're home. Nothing to see here. Just dropping the kiddies off at the pool..."

17 - Snakes generally don't go in an AQUArium. They go in a terrarium.

so basically he was ******** in your fishtank? >.>

I should specify I mean ol pally I suppose

I should specify I mean ol pally looks lik a guy I work with almost identical it's kinda creepy

olpally 32

Oh gosh... I feel so honored, haha :D

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I would have loved to here his explanation on why he did it. OP - "What the ****! Did you really shit in the fish tank!?!? Idiot - "Uhh...looks like it." OP - "Why?" Idiot - "Making things interesting." :)

I guess this gives a whole new meaning to the term "floaters in the tank"

I apologize for thread jacking, I know it's wrong. Maybe she should learn that the toilet bowl isn't a fish tank.

168- huh..? :/ I'm pretty sure you're still on-topic. Lame, and incorrect, yet on-topic.

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Who even thinks of something like this? "Oh, I'm bored...I'm gonna go shit in the fishtank now." What the ****?

She should make him swim in his own shit, like it's so fun for the poor fish.

I'm guessing that he thinks or found out she's cheating If she was, YDI If not, he's an ass

that's actually the most disgusting thing ever... and if she was cheating... nice way of getting back? like wtf lmao

I'd love to hear what his plan was. Blame the fish?

Not funny and not cool. Why hurt the fish?

Pfft. Some fish eat their own shit anyway. This is just an all you can eat buffet.

146- Don't you just hate it when you laugh so hard, your ass just falls off?

Then Kim Kardashian (sp?) and Nicki Minaj steal the fallen asses to add to theirs.

Dear lord! they don't need anymore for their collection! :/

Hiimhaileypotter 52

**** no, OP; don't clean it yourself. Make your dumbass boyfriend do it.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Also, has anyone thought about HOW he managed to do this? He would have to be sitting on the counter/on a ladder if it's a free-standing tank... Personally, I'm picturing him on the kitchen counter bent over the fishtank. :|

169, I'm picturing him balancing on the edge of a kitchen chair, with his ass hanging over the fish tank (medium-sized, rectangular tank, resting on a dresser/tall table or display..?). One false move, and.......... Well, I don't really think I'd want to imagine what comes next. :x

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I don't think aquaman could handle this shit...

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Sounds like more of a job for a hazmat team.

scoop the shit out of the tank and dump it on his head. And then dump his smelly ass. Justice done.

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41- I disliked your comment because you look like Justin bieber in your profile pic...

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41 no need to get mad because 6 has a better profile pic than you And I disliked because I hate your "singing"

41 - since you opened that door, you realize your girlfriend in that pic is likely going to leave you for another woman since you look like a manly lesbian, right?

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Empty your bowels on his chest.

Jordan740 6

18 - True, although where I'm from that's known as a Cleveland steamer

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Where I'm from, it's known as taking a sh*t on someones chest

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#49, don't correct Noor, she's always right. A Boston Pancake is a Cleveland Steamer that's been pressed flat with the buttocks and jizzed upon. Everything I know about from UrbanDictionary.

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97- there's no need to feel ashamed Perdix. We all know you coined the term. :P

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