By fuck wannabe knowitalls - 03/06/2013 23:13 - United States

Today, I received a death threat from some nutball accusing me of being part of some big government conspiracy called "Haarp." According to this psycho, I'm responsible for causing the recent tornadoes in Oklahoma. I'm just a small-time weatherman. FML
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Being a whethear man must be horrible, ppl hate op for stuff thats not even his fault.

#30, the way you spelled what was supposed to be the word "weather" made me cry a little..

RedDragonx32 8

its because ur the one that gives the bad news. and the idiots who watch tv and have no idea ur just letting them.know for their safety and interests blame u.

#1, #20, I made us all matching tinfoil hats. :)

#60 it's very unfortunate that something so meaningless would make you cry. Im sorry.

Jjimen1654, I've spoken out against the grammar Nazis before, but "whethear"? You somehow managed to mash 'whether' with what may have been 'weather'. Now look at my profile picture.

I thought the stereotype was the weatherman is never right.

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OP predicted he would have a normal day today. Bad move for a weatherman

Oh, so now suddenly after all the history of the world, a weather man can now control the weather. Goddamn people these days.

karen1991 15

Small time weather man by day and super ninja by night. I think he read one to many comic books.

This is probably already a super hero

Harming the American Association of Retired People? Sounds like the kind of organization that would summon natural disasters.

For some reason, when I first read your comment, I thought it said "retarded" instead of "retired". Lol

Haarp actually stands for high frequency active auroral research program

wow didn't think many people knew about the black bag project

Can't help but wonder what does that acronym Stand for, according to this nut job?

Beaten by a minute! Harbingers against American regional peace? That's the bet I've got, the one above is better.

High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. Its like hundreds of these cell phone towers in alaska that have the potential power and energy to drastically change the weather. The program exsists but theres a conspiracy that the government uses/will use it to destroy the world or some crazy mess like that

HAARP is one of my favorite conspiracy theories. Mostly bc the believers blame every single weather anomaly on HAARP. It boggles the mind.

There are all sorts or theories about HAARP. Some interesting stuff, weather manipulation, alien communications/technology, world power grid, suppressed technology originally developed by Nikola Tesla. Hard to believe they aren't up to "something" in Alaska!

it's also the name of Muse's 2008 tour :P

99, that's the only thing I could think of when I read this fml and its comments.

Haarp can trigger weather activity it is Nikola Teslas design with his dated instruments he was able to do many magnificent things with tiny instruments 70 years ago while most people are not as brilliant as tesla the technology has improved so who actually knows

bamagrl410 31

I've actually never heard of this theory before now. Am I the only one?

Your cover is blown! You now must hide.

First rule of haarp. Don't talk about haarp.

*Goes to check HAARP on Facebook and sees that 2925 people are talking about it. D:

Second rule of HAARP: figure out how to pronounce HAARP, but only so you can be sure to avoid talking about it.

Mynameislinh 24

He's onto us... We must relocate our organization of meteorologists!!