By kirbykylestorm

Online Dating = Brutal

Today, I realised just how lonely I am. After using Tinder for about a week, I got my first match. I said hi while I was in class since I was excited, but by the time I'd gotten back home, she'd unmatched me. I've never felt so hurt by a complete stranger before. FML
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  WHSKitty4ever  |  23

Actually, I’m a way it does. Since you’d rather sleep around and risk disease, instead of staying with one person you can trust.
FYI, condoms aren’t 100%. Just like with any other birth control method.

By  joonsson  |  20

While a lot of people use tinder to screw around it can be used for dating. Plenty of friends met their SO there.

You will however have to deal with a lot of rejection and unmatching so try to be prepared for that.

By  Matt Much  |  12

Don't take it personal. I have been unmatched a lot on Tinder. The I remember was a woman had a pic of her smiling and waiting at the DMV. My first message was "Wow that's the first smile I've seen at the DMV," and I was promptly unmatched.