By Anonymous - United Kingdom
Today, at work, my boss went to the single-stall bathroom on our floor. The next thing I know, I'm on suspension pending review because some asshole left an upper-decker in the toilet. Since I'm the office prankster, all suspicion is now on me. I've been framed by my own colleagues. FML
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  CryMoreFMLs  |  14

26 - It's when you take a (massive) shit in the tank above the toilet, resulting in it not being found for some time, making a horrid stench and being an asspain to clean up.

  chell1894  |  13

It's a fucking bitch to clean up and takes people a long time to find where the horrid stench is coming from.. I'd kill someone if they did that to my toilet. Except it is the ultimate revenge. Someone pisses you off, just upper decker their toilet.