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By  NeatNit  |  32

That sounds serious! I hope you go to the hospital or something on case it's worse than you think. BTW posting on FML should not be your first reaction :P

  Enslaved  |  36

Hospital seems extreme. Even to go to the doctor seems like a waste. Colds usually just need to run its course. Plenty of rest and fluids to keep you hydrated should work best. (:

And also posting an FML probably isn't the OP's first reaction but even if it were, what's the big deal? It takes 2 minutes to submit.

By  OscarDV  |  8

If you have a cold, I don't think you should be going into work. Especially as a cashier, already touching dirty money, sort of makes it worse with a sickness.

  EvilUndead  |  9

Well, you should, but only if you want to infect every single customer and employee. (sarcasm)I'm sure your employer will appreciate that, especially if you have strong cold that can put half of the staff on sick leave.