By wtf did I do - 02/03/2012 21:15 - United States

Today, I went to help a friend move into her new apartment. We were half-way through when it started to rain, and in my anger I yelled that it's like these things happen just to annoy me. Then we heard the tornado sirens. FML
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Kat_like_meow 2

Because the world totally revolves around you...

Well at least the sirens gave you a heads up! Get outta there as fast as you can :)


Kat_like_meow 2

Because the world totally revolves around you...

Mother nature was trolling him and he made the lethal error of responding to it!

Don't worry it's happening where I'm at too

No cuz she was thinking about what else Could go wrong... Something worse happened (= the secret

There's tons of tornadoes in the US right now, you should be happy that you're safe OP, many people had no idea that they were coming.

CrassKal 27

My aunt just lost her house to a tornado...

30 I want to thumb up your comment for pointing out that worse things happen to people other than OP, without it looking like I'm thumbing up the fact that your Aunty lost her house. So I think I'll just leave it.

100th liker! Today, I realized my only source of happiness is from liking comments. FML

If your in Georgia on March 2, 2012, I know how you feel. We just had like 20 tornadoes today. Death toll still rising. About 20 right now and they're still finding bodies. RIP to everyone who lost their life because of living in Alabama, Tennessee, or Georgia on the date of March 2, 2012.

move to Australia simple we never get tornadoes or anything I'll swap you coz I'd really like to see one or be in the middle of one like the movie twister :)

mariet_fml 23

@55: I'm in Kentucky. Five people have been declared dead here, too. Seriously, OP, if you and your friend are fine, STFU.

55 & 63 - I hope you, your families, and your friends all make it out safe and sound!

blackheart24 10

57- Yea you sound like a douche. You wanna live where there are tornadoes because you think it would be cool? In case you can't read, people have been dying from the tornadoes that happened today. Just because Hollywood makes tornadoes look fun and exciting, doesn't mean they are. So stop being a dipshit and shut the **** up. RIP to anyone lost in those tornadoes today. My prayers go out to you and to the families.

I reccomend you change your picture.. It's obvious not you :)

The day they discover the center of the universe there will be a lot of people shocked to find out that it isn't them.

Well at least the sirens gave you a heads up! Get outta there as fast as you can :)

lebronesque73091 12

At least it wasn't your stuff that got wet. Keep your head up :)

TorturedXeno 27

Update us on your situation, OP! You okay?

Ah Murphy... You have ruined many a good plan...

LOL my music teacher mentions it all the time.

Anai08 17

There have been some pretty nasty tornadoes in the US as of late. I hope you and your friend (as well as all the rest of your loved ones) are okay, OP.

We have had two tornados pass over our house and drop a mile away in the past couple of days. But come on they have been giving us plenty of warning they were coming you should not have been surprised. Oh yeah God hates you that's why he did all this and made so many people lose their loved ones and homes get destroyed. Count your freaking blessings and be thankful wether you believe in God or not you and you'd are fine.

Hope you all are ok! I'm near Lexington and we thankfully missed the brunt of it all.

That would stink... You people are stupid how do they deserve it? Idiots...

Nobody said they deserved to be tornado victims. We are just saying that op is being self centered when so many homes and lives have been destroyed by tornados.

Fruitmonster2 15

Meh. I hate when I get randomly mad too It just makes me want to punch a baby. >:C

HolyPotato 9
dontpanic_fml 32
KiddNYC1O 20

I love it: What the actual ****.

I like how out of place and not funny that comment was

chester75 5

Your friend should be the one angry it's her stuff getting wet and now has to abandon till its safe to come out again.