The twins are out

By Rachael - 24/08/2019 12:00 - United Kingdom - Northampton

Today, I wondered why the cashiers at my local chip shop were being so unusually friendly and knocked money off my bill. Then when I got back to my boyfriend's house, I noticed my bright red bra shining through my black top like a light. I debuted my tits for some chips. FML
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Sady_Ct 37

Were they hot chips?

I'd do that every day then


Sady_Ct 37

Were they hot chips?

I'd do that every day then

Don't want to milk the well dry that fast!

You actually flashed them your bra for a discount on chips. Go braless and score free chips!

What will she have to do to score free ketchup?

I was going to say “go commando and wear a miniskirt,” but for that she’d get a lot more than some free condiment — she’d get the whole store!

Wear that outfit again when it's time for a big grocery shop.

Sounds like you got a good deal, how it this an FML? You know your going to do this again intentionally now.

tounces7 27


Tits happen. At least it got you something. We’ve all accidentally flashed someone before. It’s just boobs.

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Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!!

A store that sells only chips exists?

A chip shop is a takeaway. Fish and chips...