By that guy - 24/05/2012 16:41 - United States

Today, I realized the only reason my phone ever rings is because someone needs help with their computer. FML
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I'm sure you'll find a girl that will turn your floppy disk into a hard disk.

Oh you killed it, didn't even give it a chance....


Get one of those tshirts that says 'no, I will not fix your computer'

You probably need to be more social and less awkward . Don't be the stereotypical computer guy. I know I used to be the stereotypical computer guy now not only I badass with electronics of all types. I also talk women into letting me show them my firmware and how to integrate my hardware with their software and wetware

hey, at least you get calls .. even if they are about fixing computers :/

That shit drives me nuts!!! I get the same thing with my family, I talk most of them (non nuclear) maybe once a year so I know if it's not Christmas or my birthday they need computer help. Screen them calls like bill collectors on a '94 answering machine

obviously charge them...that's what i do and i still get calls to fix tham ALL the time

have you tried turning it off and on again?

Can you stick your thumb drive into my hard drive?? Can't be that bad..

No, you can't stick a thumb drive into a hard drive

Can I put my hard drive in your mother board then?

Which is exactly why I would need to call my knowledgable computer friend!! Lol

I can turn your software in to hardware. Then back into software.

But your 3.5" hard drive will never bring out the nostalgia like my 5.25" floppy does.

I got a big dick for your mouse click

I think you've found your future career. So be somewhat thankful, but find new friends as well.

I'm sure you'll find a girl that will turn your floppy disk into a hard disk.

You can't turn a floppy disk into a hard drive, duh. But maybe she can help him transfer the data from a floppy to a hard drive.

Oh you killed it, didn't even give it a chance....

#11 Do you know what a transformer is? No? Then he was talking about a flaccid penis getting erected. Don't worry SkoomaKi, I got your back.

I now sentence you to 40 years of prison for the murder of a sexual joke. Yeah, that's right. Not only am I a talking chipmunk, I'm also a judge. Fuck yeah.

Killerskittle - There are simply no words that will suffice for what you just did. I'm aghast.

Time to meet new friends >.

No shit, Sherlock...

Most overused comment of the year alongside "She/he's a keeper!"

This sounds exactly like a friend of mine...

Get a job involving something like that, it'll pay off since you seem like you know a thing or two.

I don't think we have enough information.. What if he is an it guy? Haha

My friends do that; they only call me when they need help with homework. -_-

*Inserts "OMG lolol ur a blon who helpz wit homwrk LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!111111eleven!!!!!" joke here*

You're* blonde* helps* with* homework* Atleast the blonde can spell

stevenJB 25

Those aren't friends, man!

40 I think you might have missed the point in my comment just a tad bit.

Well at least your needed for something.. At least when you go to theaters you have a reason to turn your cell phone off.

My phone never rings =(

This comment reminds me of the Trident Layers commercial when the guy's like "nobody ever pays me in layers :{("

Think nobody cares? Skip a month's payments.