By that guy - 24/05/2012 16:41 - United States

Today, I realized the only reason my phone ever rings is because someone needs help with their computer. FML
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I'm sure you'll find a girl that will turn your floppy disk into a hard disk.

Oh you killed it, didn't even give it a chance....


Get one of those tshirts that says 'no, I will not fix your computer'

tjv3 10

You probably need to be more social and less awkward . Don't be the stereotypical computer guy. I know I used to be the stereotypical computer guy now not only I badass with electronics of all types. I also talk women into letting me show them my firmware and how to integrate my hardware with their software and wetware

xoconnie 8

hey, at least you get calls .. even if they are about fixing computers :/

That shit drives me nuts!!! I get the same thing with my family, I talk most of them (non nuclear) maybe once a year so I know if it's not Christmas or my birthday they need computer help. Screen them calls like bill collectors on a '94 answering machine

obviously charge them...that's what i do and i still get calls to fix tham ALL the time

nicole86 8

Can you stick your thumb drive into my hard drive?? Can't be that bad..

No, you can't stick a thumb drive into a hard drive

Can I put my hard drive in your mother board then?

nicole86 8

Which is exactly why I would need to call my knowledgable computer friend!! Lol

I can turn your software in to hardware. Then back into software.

TheDrifter 23

But your 3.5" hard drive will never bring out the nostalgia like my 5.25" floppy does.

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I got a big dick for your mouse click

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I think you've found your future career. So be somewhat thankful, but find new friends as well.

I'm sure you'll find a girl that will turn your floppy disk into a hard disk.

You can't turn a floppy disk into a hard drive, duh. But maybe she can help him transfer the data from a floppy to a hard drive.

Oh you killed it, didn't even give it a chance....

#11 Do you know what a transformer is? No? Then he was talking about a flaccid penis getting erected. Don't worry SkoomaKi, I got your back.

I now sentence you to 40 years of prison for the murder of a sexual joke. Yeah, that's right. Not only am I a talking chipmunk, I'm also a judge. **** yeah.

Killerskittle - There are simply no words that will suffice for what you just did. I'm aghast.

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Most overused comment of the year alongside "She/he's a keeper!"

This sounds exactly like a friend of mine...

Get a job involving something like that, it'll pay off since you seem like you know a thing or two.

I don't think we have enough information.. What if he is an it guy? Haha

MarisaCB 16

My friends do that; they only call me when they need help with homework. -_-

*Inserts "OMG lolol ur a blon who helpz wit homwrk LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!111111eleven!!!!!" joke here*

GVirdi 11

You're* blonde* helps* with* homework* Atleast the blonde can spell

stevenJB 25

Those aren't friends, man!

40 I think you might have missed the point in my comment just a tad bit.

Well at least your needed for something.. At least when you go to theaters you have a reason to turn your cell phone off.

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This comment reminds me of the Trident Layers commercial when the guy's like "nobody ever pays me in layers :{("

TheDrifter 23

Think nobody cares? Skip a month's payments.