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Today, I was choosing my soft drink at a restaurant. The kid in front of me was too short to reach the lids so I handed him one. His mom rushed over, pried it out of his hands, threw it away, and yelled, "She's filthy, don't use that." FML
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I wrote this FML story and for the record I was in a suit and heals, with my hair and makeup done, as i was on my home from the office. The woman was just a B. More than anything it was funny because she was so hysterical over a seemingly innocent gesture.

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You just can't be nice these days can you? There's that guy that wanted to search for babies suffering in the heat and now this women who thinks OP is a walking parasite just because she handed a lid over.

Even if you are dirty, atleast you dont have a dirty heart like that girl.


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Time to take a shower?

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Soccer moms are the bane of society.

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Go native American and "Smacka-Hoe"

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I understand the mom not wanting somebody else touching her kids lid because I have a son who is immunodupressed because of a heart transplant and we have to be very careful with germs... But this lady seems to be pretty damn rude.

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Maybe OP had greasy hair or something and the woman just wanted to be safe for her child incase op's hair isn't the only thing that hadn't been washed.

Wtf kind of "Native American" are you trying to quote, 80? That's both incorrect as well as racist x2

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Maybe she doesn't like lids from strangers...

These are the kinds of people who you need to turn the tables. The correct response would be to burp loudly, scratch your ass, and then shrug while saying 'yeeaaahhh, you're probably right'. The only downside is that the poor kid might be hosed down with sanitizer when they get home, like a prison delousing lol. poor kid.

You just can't be nice these days can you? There's that guy that wanted to search for babies suffering in the heat and now this women who thinks OP is a walking parasite just because she handed a lid over.

I assume that OP looked like she just woke up in a dumpster from an "awesome" night out.

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I looked at it differently. I mean, the mom's approach and wording were very douchey, but she kind of had a point, especially if she is a germaphobe - she doesn't know where OP's hands have been, and OP may have touched the underside of the lid. She doesn't want her kid to get sick. Or, of course, maybe OP looked like a tramp. Lol

I understand the baby in cars guy was trying to be nice, but walking by scoping out every car you pass by is pretty suspicious.

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just another germaphobe !! at least you tried to help the kid(:

And there's always the chance that OP actually looked a little messy.

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To 30) if they were a germaphobe I don't think they'd be in a public restaurant, where everybody touches everthing

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It's funny because the kid would be drinking from a straw not the "filthy" lid.

You fail. YouTube. You don't know my naaame Ok I'm done.

I'm pretty sure your the one that stinks cause I can smell your shitty comment from here.

97- The first your that 53 corrected was right, the second your towards the end of the sentence was right the way it was. I see what you both meant, just specifying.

Right #3, you know she stank because you were there the whole time right? That's what I thought.

Do you know this for a fact? Cuz i dont think so!

How can people be so god dam rude. It literally phases me... Should off split on we and said not as filthy as you.

It became a trainwreck after the first five words. I would attempt to decipher it, but it's giving me a headache.

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Should have spit on her? Is that what you're trying to say?

My God Baustigt...that was pure genius. How could I not know!?! *Bursts into tears runs out of room*

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I want to thumb this comment down because it is stupid. But at the same time, I don't want to take from others the privilege of reading it. What to do...

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FML takes grammer so seriously lol it is kind of annoying when someone can't spell or misuses a word improperly but come on folks you know well what he/she was trying to say.

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72- When comments get buried all you have to do is click on it to see it.

How can people be so God damn rude? It literally phases me. Should of spit on it and said not as filthy as you.* I think that's what he meant.

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It's not about the grammar. Sure, who cares about a misspelled word or incorrect punctuation, but this takes an entire new meaning of wtf did she/he just say? Was that Shakespeare??

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Yup...I meant to sound like an idiot lol ... -_-

138- I suspect that it comes naturally to you...

Of course it does. She takes pictures of herself putting on lipstick and calls herself eyeliner.

Thank you for deciphering that so that everyone can read it. That makes so much more sense.

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191- I don't jugde. I merely observe.

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99-Dat is da point. We did mot know what he/she was saying. And I found just as many mistakes in your comment!

152-Did you mean 137? Cuz there was not a 138 on this topic

Should have spit on it, is what they should've said.

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I imgained the OP splitting in front of the lady and saying: "Not as flithy as you." Is this what you were trying to make me think 5?

...This had been "Words of Wisdom", with jem7vwh. Now back to your regularly scheduled FML...

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Why have so many people been saying "wow" on FML lately. I feel like it's the new "that sucks".

Probably because they're panicking to get one of the first comments.

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I learned not to do that back when I was an FML newbie. I said "Ouch", got the first comment, but also got buried. Lesson learned.

113- We all did silly things as FML newbies. I used to get into flamewars in almost every other FML . Most of the time I was being a douche, but ad you can see under thr first comment in the Dr. Phil FML, it's less often and a little more...justified.

I just imagined a chipmunk doing I'm struggling to contain my laughter.

She called me short? Oh hell no! Pick me up!

I hate them all. I miss the cartoon. Then again, I have a strange fetish for the cartoon Alvin, so all of this is irrelevant and creepy.

lmao. " what you checking out my lumps?? hey!! here girl hold my poodle HOLD MY POODLE!!"

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I'm polite too. Sometimes it backfires, but keep being a gentleman/woman.

Well which is it? Are you from Venus or Mars?

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Actually Uranus ahahahaha I am sooo funny.

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I come from the gassy realms of Jupiter, bro.

Even if you are dirty, atleast you dont have a dirty heart like that girl.

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We need more people like you in the world. ^o^

What a bitch. But I mean, everyone's overprotective these days with their children.

Yup. Unfortunately that was right here in Georgia. Actually, there was a development in the case. Apparently the guy that threw him in wasn't the dad, and the lady next to him was the mom's ex-husband's girlfriend. There's definitely something fishy going on... Another reason to move up North!

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Stay down south, up here sucks!

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And what exactly is funny about it, 125?

Well that's awkward.. My comment DID have a heart in it.

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Wow, what a bitch. At least someone was helping her kid. If she was a total germophobic then she could at least done it without you right there, or something else polite. Ugh people like that really irritate me.