By Anonymous - 18/7/2021 09:01 - Brazil - Itapema

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Today, after a 16-hour day fixing the computer network at my workplace, I didn't even get a "Thank you". I did, however, get people whining about how, "That computer crap never works" and, "Why do we need IT anyway?" FML
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By  Marcella1016  |  31

IDK if it matters, but I really appreciate our IT guys. They fix our shit that we rely on every day, keep the trains running smoothly, and protect us from malware and ransomware with security updates. I love the IT team at my job, and I appreciate IT folks in general.

Just wanted to say that because it sounds like you guys never hear it. The complainers are always the fucking loudest—dickheads who like to bitch and don’t know wtf they’re talking about—but you’re definitely appreciated, and incredibly valuable!!

Keep doing what you do, and being great at it! ❤️❤️