By emkaycutie - United States
Today, I was giving a lecture to my class I heard a phone go off. Aggravated and exhausted, I asked everyone to turn their phones off. Then the phone rang again. I lost my shit and spent the next half hour calling my students a bunch of "technology whores". Then I realized the phone was mine. FML
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  squirrelbait  |  0

Today, during a lecture, someone's phone rang. The professor told everyone to turn their phones off. When the phone rang again, he PMSed all over my face, calling us "technology whores". The phone was his. FML

By  p1loter  |  0

haha that's funny.

but seriously, if you're near your bag, wouldn't you hear it and realize it was yours? and I agree with #4, why don't you know your own ringtone?