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Yes! I’m relatively good at them but only cause I’ve used them for a long time. My dad, though, is a computer GEEK. He’s the one who always helps my family when we get new laptops or phones or whatever.

By  Ciara Koch  |  21

My dads a computer scientist so I always go to him for any technology issues. That being said alotta older people don’t get technology and some younger we just grew up more around it . As long as you don’t have to have him help set up your social media or show you how to accept a friend request not really an fml at least you have someone to help you .

By  bloopaloop  |  27

Did you know Fanuc robot programming language is almost identical to the programs you can write on your Ti-83 calculator used in algebra class?

Quit twitting and learn to do something useful with the technology at your fingertips.

By  Sagar Nair  |  11

Just because someone’s older than you doesn’t mean they’re technologically challenged. Its a stereotype yeah but its not always the case. No need to feel embarrassed.

By  Taurus_ChicKa  |  36

Um... no? My dad has worked on computers for his career most of his life and he helps me all the time. He's 63 and I'm 32 and he still knows more about them than I do. If I can't figure something out, I ask him and not my husband. So age is just a number in this situation.