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By  KarelessKitten  |  0

I do support the "love is blind" belief but most girls that age are looking for a sugar daddy. Cue music to Kanye West's "Golddigger". It's cliche but true.


#29, the statement while not stating specifically that they were related, implied that they probably where and then said the situation was nasty, thus confirming that #9 thinks the two might be family. It's the same trick the media pulls, they imply without saying and then attack based on an implication, but they're justified because nobody made any ACTUAL accusations. That is why #14 felt the need to argue.

  mj2123  |  0

It's....a chicken?

I think you mean "foul." And plenty of people have flowergirls who are the children of friends of the family - or from the other side of the family (i.e. could have been the bride's relative).