By burnnotice - 19/09/2009 14:10 - United States

Today, I was trying to turn on my computer and couldn't. I spent twenty minutes trying to figure out what was wrong when I finally called my husband for help and made him leave work. He came in, looked at the wall, and plugged it back in. The look on his face said it all. FML
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For the record, that little tray that pops out when you push that other button isn't a drink coaster. Hope that helps.

hothotheat_ 13

You spent all that time and you never once even bothered to look to see if it was plugged in or not?


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he's your me, he's probably used to it.

Scotticus117, Which part? The not being able to get the computer to work, or the getting the husband to come home and fix it? "Honey, the computer's not working and I've got to know what Paris Hilton is up to today. Can you come fix it?" "I don't know, honey. I'm really busy here at work." "No pussy for a week!" Whoosh! (Sound of man leaving office at top speed.)

oh my god. this post is just asking for it.

YDI for overlooking the obvious. Next time you'll know where to check first.

hothotheat_ 13

You spent all that time and you never once even bothered to look to see if it was plugged in or not?

Haha she says she spent 20min trying to figure out what was wrong but never bothered to check the cords. What else did she do? keep pressing the power button for 20min?

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haha, i can't say i haven't done that before and then been completely embarrassed when someone just plugs it in. i think most of us just assume that it is.

I just assume the computer is plugged in, but if it remains unresponsive after repeated applications of the power button I will begin to challenge that assumption pretty hard. Anyone who grew up in a first-world country and can confront an inoperative electrical appliance for twenty minutes without ever once checking to see if it's plugged in is a Grade A Moron, no question about it.

my mother is like this so ****** annoyin women stupid bitches hahaa i better brace myself b4 all the feminista get here

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Lmfao the look of dumb bitch sigh...

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i get more of a *facepalm* image in my head:)

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well you should have waited. why did you need to use the computer sooo bad. should have just waited until he came home or something. get off you fat ass bitch and cook him dinner or something. :)

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@9-not cool. @13-ur name is awesome lol

you made him leave work??? I would've tried everything before calling anyone ydi

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YDI for being stupid at computers.