By oppafucktardstyle - 14/10/2012 20:36 - United States - Waterloo

Today, I had to pick my parents up from the hospital and drive them back home, after they were treated for eating large amounts of cheese that my dad claimed to have "aged" for several years. FML
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winnerme123 8

Cheese will only age without being unhealthy to eat under strict conditions.

mintcar 9

Your username, OP. I love that shit. Anyways, I wonder how they explained that to the doctor.


secretsymbiote21 5

Old enough to know better. But then again, almost everyone is.

PleaseStayChill 9

However old they are, I'm surprised they lived long enough to have a kid.

Considering the fact that they have a child capable of driving them home from the hospital, I'd say they're pretty old. However, it's often true that maturity can't be judged by age...

jojimugo 20

Apparently sarcasm is not appreciated on FML...

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Us fmlers condone sarcasm, we however do not condone stupid comments. Not saying 1's comment was stupid but it could have at least been mildly amusing.

30 - Just because something is sarcastic, does not mean it is funny, witty, clever, interesting, insightful, etc.

I like my women like I like my cheese sweating, yellow and moldy... Wait that's not how it goes

Very classy. I wonder if the had 20 year old grape juice too.

48- Words cannot describe the amount of what the fuckery that went through my mind when I read your comment.

Was he saving it from since he was a boy?

flutter4 7
flutter4 7

The green color of the cheese would turn me away

Psych101 9

You don't like green cheese?! Then what do you eat with your green eggs and ham?

flutter4 7

Lol true I forgot about my green eggs and ham :)

Sorry if I'm thread jacking, but OP's name is freaking awesome.

That's why you write a comment instead of a reply.

winnerme123 8

Cheese will only age without being unhealthy to eat under strict conditions.

That's my favorite type of cheese, I like when it's fuzzy too.

The stench from the cheese didn't tip them off that something might be wrong?

It wouldn't, as a lot of what are considered the best cheeses don't smell so great.

lexxiii 17

If they were trying to make homemade blue cheese, I'm pretty sure they're doing it wrong.

That is a creepy-ass eye you got there.

I think it's sexy, it reminds me of 28 days later. Mmmm do I love zombie chicks ;)

idk how ur parents could do that and not notice that the cheese looks like ur dad's puebs lol(just jking)

Actually i think that is "just just kiddinging".

I think it was meant to be "joking" but he left out an "o." Regardless, the spelling of that comment was cringeworthy.