By Beva - Sweden - Falk?ping
Today, due to technical problems, I had to call the company's IT-support as my computer went totally haywire. I explained via phone that I couldn't access anything. The support then tried contacting me by e-mail and got upset with me when I didn't answer. FML
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  yoyoforpeace  |  14

Maybe I missed something but if your phone works and you said it's just your computer that was broken...can't you log onto your email from the phone? Assuming you have a smart cellphone.

  spekledworf  |  18

When IT support's first question is "Is it plugged in" and you want to slam your head against the wall for the precious moments of your life they have just wasted

  xMidna  |  6

You'd be suprised at how many people complain that their computer won't turn on and not realised it's not plugged on or the switch is off.
There is a reason they ask that. If it wasn't a common occurrence they wouldn't bother.

  cmac86  |  23

Britain has a show about a situation just like that. I think it's called "the IT guys" or something like that. anyway it's on Netflix

By  shzl  |  4

I work in IT support at a school, and I know just how stupid people are capable of being when it comes to computers.

I can't speak for your company OP, but if it is anything like my school then the poor IT guys get bombarded with problems all day long, most of which are due to user idiocy. Spare a thought for those that clean up your mess, perhaps they were having a bad day.

  nerdking21  |  10

Because it was the IT guys for the company the OP works for. More than likely, they have a database filled with the contact information of all their employees.