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Today, due to technical problems, I had to call the company's IT-support as my computer went totally haywire. I explained via phone that I couldn't access anything. The support then tried contacting me by e-mail and got upset with me when I didn't answer. FML
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yup93 7

Tell them you faxed your reply back to them. It's like people have no common sense anymore. Like with the doorbell management people...


yup93 7

reminds me of the Digimon movie, "If your phone is dead, please call this number."

Maybe I missed something but if your phone works and you said it's just your computer that was broken...can't you log onto your email from the phone? Assuming you have a smart cellphone.

hellbilly205 17

Sense is common, common sense isn't

Tell them you faxed your reply back to them. It's like people have no common sense anymore. Like with the doorbell management people...

Writing a letter would be nice either. It would take a little bit of time but since the support is so stupid, I doubt they will fix it soon.

You can thank all those pop schools that run the IT ad campaigns for that.. They churn out degrees instead of IT personel.

Could you have logged-in to another person's computer?

N3766 20

I can check from my mobile phone, did you ask me or OP?

I'm going to assume that your company's IT support actually knows nothing about computers...

In my experience, that's the case with most companies' IT support...

spekledworf 18

When IT support's first question is "Is it plugged in" and you want to slam your head against the wall for the precious moments of your life they have just wasted

You'd be suprised at how many people complain that their computer won't turn on and not realised it's not plugged on or the switch is off. There is a reason they ask that. If it wasn't a common occurrence they wouldn't bother.

"Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

Britain has a show about a situation just like that. I think it's called "the IT guys" or something like that. anyway it's on Netflix

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How do you know that OP has a mobile device that can access their e-mail?

joeyl2008 29

because it's dick no 2013. They should have a smart phone by now

I work in IT support at a school, and I know just how stupid people are capable of being when it comes to computers. I can't speak for your company OP, but if it is anything like my school then the poor IT guys get bombarded with problems all day long, most of which are due to user idiocy. Spare a thought for those that clean up your mess, perhaps they were having a bad day.

qirde_15 5

today is your lucky day. **** your life.

How did they get your e-mail if you didn't give it to them? Did you lead them to believe that was the best way to contact you?

Because it was the IT guys for the company the OP works for. More than likely, they have a database filled with the contact information of all their employees.

Roses are red, My screen is blue, Oh, dear god, What the **** did I do?!? (My Dad fixes computers for everyone & this is the bumper sticker I got him for Xmas...)

RedPillSucks 31

Hence, the coming of the Zombie Apocalypse

Actually zombies will have nothing to look forward to, seeing that many people lack brains.

Co1121 11

That's what computers are for. Oh wait...