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Today, I went to my gyn to see what a painful lump is under my armpit. Turns out it's breast tissue, and yes, it will fill up with milk when I'm pregnant. I essentially have three boobs. FML
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Will your baby suck on your armpit?

Wow three boobs? The guys must love you >;)


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I read somewhere that it's really common to have a "third breast". Signs usually don't show until your pregnant though.

Can't you just have it removed...?

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That's great! Boobs are good. The more, the better. Be happy!

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What I want to know is, does it have a nipple on it too or is it just breast tissue that may connect to one of the two in front?

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Sirin, I didn't know that. I would have voted 17 and up. These little brats are annoying... No offense. Lol.

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53: Are you being serious? If yes, you're plain genius.

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boobs are good (lol) but too much of it gets annoying. i know people in the 8th and 9th grade who have back pains because the size of their breasts. my aunt even had to get a breast reduction done because she couldnt stand how uncomfortable her boobs made her feel.

MTV True Life: I have 3 tits.

@ #28 I doubt insurance would cover it, they might say it isn't serious enough or some crap. -.-

It's called polymasteria (I think) and many women have it. There can even be many others of different sizes on you. Though if your lucky (or unlucky) you grow a normal sized one between the others. Look up the movie good luck chuck. That's where I heard of this.

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So true. My mom and brother had them.

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Don't worry, some guys find that hot.

That will come in handy if you have triplets.

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Yea but awkward to manage... Just picture it

Just because you have breast tissue there doesn't mean there is a mammary gland. Not being a hater, just offering some hope.

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The doctor said that it would lactate

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That seems to me like a win-win situation.

Wtf? I guess that's cool. Damn that's more work though when you're checking for lumps cuz breast cancer is no joke.

Is it just me or did anyone else think of busted- 'year 3000' video after reading this??? Lol

Just you, listening to the Jonas brothers? I only know about them because of my kids..... If you're under 15 get the hell out.

21: Riggghttt, because of your kids. Don't worry, we don't judge.

Busted sang Year 3000 not the Jonas Brothers, they just covered it.

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#21: this site is for everyone above 13 years of age :)

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Actually 32, my iPhone app warns not suitable for children under 17.

That's Apple for you. The site is indeed open to anyone aged 13 or above.

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Sirin, now how many 10 year-olds are working undercover here?

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Yes, the site is "open" to everyone 13 and older, but it's really not suitable for anyone under 95. I tell anyone who comes here that it's like looking at the Blue Waffle. We warn you, but you just have to look and are a lesser person for it.

@KiddNYC1O: Simple to figure out. You can spot the 10 year olds easily; they are the ones who post comments like "u mad bro", "that's a shitty situation", "karma", "divorce", "epic win/fail", and so on.

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LOL. Oh, man. Sirin, refer to comment #63...

I forgive you.

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Lol. Oh, you've forgiven me for worse. Thanks.

Like Futurama? If so as soon as I read this, I thought, is she Leela and has one eye?

52: even though FML allow youngers, Apple don't. They're quite strict on these apps, mInly because kids use their parents iPhone.

i did!! awesome song!:)

blue skys on mars

We're best freinds now 'cause you know busted. Jussayin

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What's your problem?!

To all the people that have seen "Paul" ...Three tits...AWESOME

Awesome movie!

How is this an FMl? Usually 3 boobs is something to celebrate.

OP, pic it or it didn't happen.

#37, If I knew who you were, I'd hug you. I friggin love that movie.

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Were you in total recall?

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only in Kansas..*facepalms*

72, did you not see the 'painful' part?

blue skys on mars!?!?

That's so fucking hot I'm so horny just thinking about it

That's so fucking hot I'm so horny just thinking about it

That's so fucking hot I'm so horny just thinking about it

That's so fucking hot I'm so horny just thinking about it

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Check for breast cancer n whatever it is that caused the breast tissue to be displaced

Will your baby suck on your armpit?

Ah, the more discreet way to feed your baby in the public.

flavored milk too. mmmmm...

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but she can have triplets that all feed at the same time

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LMFAO poor kid.(:

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The more the merrier right?

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56... Haha but then again ugggghh

You're unique... Be proud of it ;)

Not really seeing how this is a bad thing.

I think this is totally still a FHL though. How could this possibly be her fault??

Wow three boobs? The guys must love you >;)

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It's a triboobula

What about triple nipple?

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More is not ways better: quality over quantity. Do girls love me because I have 6 testicles, which makes my sack look like a bean bag chair? No, because it's weird.

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one nipple... hahaha... two nipple... hahaha... three nip.... oh hell no I'm outta here

Lucky is the man you marry. Guys like multiple boobs right? Right?

It would be strange if a girl didn't have "multiple boobs."

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Well... fuck.

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It. Lol

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No you fail.

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I'd fuck my third tit...

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I think I love you

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Get it removed if it hurts.