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  FlyingPie  |  17

#7: "Bad" is an adjective. Thus, a "bad" is not a thing that you can have.

  gmc_blossom  |  21


I'm all for correcting grammar, I really am.

But even I think your comment was just totally unnecessary. Saying, "my bad" is very common amongst everybody.

I hope you enjoy being an insufferable prick.


Are you aware Flying Pig that there are two periods at the end of your sentence? 1 would have been appropriate for a statement and 3 would have made and ellipsis, indicating more is to follow.

Ha ha take that! Don't pick on grammar if you can't even get your own right.

  tisvana20  |  6

Well you see, OP has the power to use her body to attract any kind of insect towards it, however she neglected to check what insect she was feeling like that day and attracted ticks.
OP is basically Magneto and Ant Man's baby. Dare I say, the Tick Magnet?

  wellfuuucckme  |  7

48- I disliked your comment :3

  Snackycake  |  20

Whenever I hear that a bug laid eggs under something I keep thinking that once the bugs grow they will get so big their nest will explode.
So, according to my logic, op's nipples will explodeO_O

  mystashisgone  |  6

I think a tick releases a venom or whatever the word is that numbs the area as its biting somewhat like mosquito or a leach so that the blood doesn't coagulate while it is trying to ingest it. Some people can feel all of the above bites but many cannot because of this. Don't be worried it isn't just you, good luck!