By Anonymous - 21/02/2011 03:28 - Canada

Today, I went to the doctor thinking I had breast cancer. Turns out, I have a third boob. FML
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Are you a pornstar if not I would consider a career change



Are you a pornstar if not I would consider a career change

Acousticpixie14 6

No kidding! I think that is super cool! How many people can say that they have a third boob?!

is anyone one else thinking Total Recall???

is anyone one else thinking Total Recall??? you should definitely do ****!

It reminds me of this movie called Kung Pow. Does anybody know it?

takeapieandrun 9

That's what I was thinking 34. :D

Yeah but the situation is a bit similar. Boob mutation, xD.

yeah I do , but instead she had one boob xD

I bet her boyfriend or husband had his day made. Have fun bra shopping.

DaveOnDope 4
DaveOnDope 4

82 - Either the mods really did delete your comment because a) it was inappropriate or b) you posted the same thing over and over again (which you would have received an email about), OR your comments simply aren't posting because of the glitch in the site. Unclench your ass cheeks.

Don't listen to her, clench harder I say. Harder:p

And with that, all Total Recall fans need a tissue.

you are insanely pretty. just thought I'd let you know

#52 sure do, that movie hasn't surfaced on the internet in a while

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pics!! lol yes. I'll need to google this later, so there's no nipple? WTF! that's not useful! join the circus.

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well in a way she did. she said fml to having a third boob rather than cancer

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I also agree that she/he implied it. It might be a fat guy who knows?

they aren't American. can't be a fat guy with a third boob

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Maybe it was a fat American from Dallas, one of the fattest cities in America (basically meaning the world), who decided to move to Canada because the food is cheaper actually nah if he grew a third boob he's probably too fat to even move excluding his mouth. Or maybe he can't even move his mouth either and gets food pumped straight into his stomach through a tube that goes down his throat and moved to Canada because they have universal healthcare that would pay for him. I have no clue what I'm talking about, does Canada even have universal healthcare?

68, that is some sound logic. No. We do not have "universal healthcare". Yes we don't pay out of pocket, but it comes out of the tax budget. Therefore we all pay for each other's healthcare. I kind of wish that people would stop going to the doctor for every sniffle and cough they get. That way they'd have less to have to pay into the healthcare system and maybe lower taxes for once.

Ladies and gentlemen, I officially vote for 141 to be our next Prime Minister. See, dude, you've got some amazing logic right there. What blows my mind is the fact that PM after PM remains incompetent and can't think of such a simple idea to promote to the rest of society. IMO, there should be restrictions on what gets seen to at the clinic/doctor's office/what have you. If people still choose to go to the doctor's for minor sniffles, that's fine but they'll get turned down because they're not sick enough. It sounds kind of douche-y, but it'll work to prevent people from wasting our tax money.

TheDamnDrifter 1

Thats so true #4 mutation would be better in this case

the PM's are never incomptent. they WANT the high taxes. It means more $ for them.

sorry but I'm from Dallas and I'm a model, the type thats not fat, so not everyone there is fat

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67 is a hypocrite. Your profile says "don't label me, I won't label you" and yet you're hypocritically labeling Americans as fat with man ******* so I'm labeling you as a nazi bitch who has never seen a real American. Sincerely, **** You

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Sir, your comment is too long...kindly shut the **** up and burn in hell for wasting my time...thanks :]

Yes, America does have a high percentage of the population that is overweight, but now so does England. And in my high school the number of average/underweight kids far outnumbers the number of overweight/obese kids. So before you label us all as fat ignorant oil-loving pigs, please take a moment to realize what an ass it takes to generalize a country of 300 million people.

#146, or you accept them for every minor sneeze and sniffle, but then say that national healthcare only covers things above a certain severity, so that minor sneezes and sniffles have to be paid for by the patient. Then people who know they don't have more than a cold stop wasting money, people who think they might have something bad but actually don't can still go to the doctor to find out, and national healthcare still makes it easier for people to see a doctor about serious conditions.

If that profile pic is you then by your standards you could be American.

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Yeah i thought that too. Threesome boob job anyone?

meownow 0

better a third know get it removed?! if you can...

at least u Live in Canada where u get free medical

Yo meownow, doncha be hatin on the biebs!!!

I love it here in Canada! Wait where don't you get free medical attention? Isn't it in your health plan?

We get free health care because we pay for it in taxes. Although the taxes aren't much different.

justthinkalittle 8

#6 I actually don't know what you meant and it's killing me lol. How exactly were you going to finish that sentence? Lol. "Better a third boob than...." No boobs? Cancer? Three penises? The possibilities are endless...

TheCriticsCritic 4

unless she somehow has 6 boobs, which would be even more awesome :)

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this dude knows whats fun / ||

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I would be thankful it's a third boob and not cancer. So honestly this really isn't an FML...