By triplenipple - 10/01/2011 20:35 - Sweden

Today, I realized the birthmark I have on my chest isn't a birthmark at all; it's a third nipple. FML
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I want one

ThoraxeTheImpale_fml 0

triple the nipple, triple the foreplay?


norriex3 0

how..can u mistake a nipple for a birthmark? kinda nipple would look like a birthmark?! o.O

blacklite69 0

The superfluous kind. :)

what kind if birthmark would look like a nipple?

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salsalover_12 5

well look at it this way if you never make it to college you could always become a circus freak and you can be known as "nip"

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SmyD666547 0

god damn Africa...

lame says the guy with the bloddy maxi pads

your name could be tripnip

41- You're an asshole.

MassEffectNerd 0

some people find that sexy (I am not one of them)

Fmler01 0

Haha i have that too. But its so small that u couldnt mistake it as a third nipple.

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SAME. I think

beadancer 3

it's very common. most of the time is a small areola. and no not all people have breast tissue with them. some look like a small discoloration easily confused for a birthmark.

xXCherrryBombXx 6

did anyone else think of chandler off friends..?

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Sheldaddy 0

that's sick. I guess it would be more awkward if you were a girl though.

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that's hot ;)