By Heather - 12/11/2012 21:20 - United States - Bethesda

Today, I realized that the bird I supposedly heard during the night throughout my childhood is actually the sound my mom makes when she comes. FML
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heinous966 15

Your fathers windshield must be quite dirty.


heinous966 15

Your fathers windshield must be quite dirty.

Edited post. Oopsie poopsie. Ignor this, carry on.

1- your pic is probably what the dad said to the mom.

Tay_racer10 3

Haha! Dude, come on.... in the winter? :) Get real.

And suddenly, I'm not in the mood for my pizza anymore...*drops plate*

Soniye 14

Your childhood ..bird.. is all a lie now...

That's awkward. Sorry you had to learn that.

jojimugo 20

And now the nightmare begins. Sorry OP

That's disturbing. How could one's ****** even sound like a bird in the first place?

Do you really want to know the science behind it? I don't think any of us do.

RedPillSucks 31
rhidiculous 4

You seem to have never watched Impractical Jokers.

decidedlyvague 11

Mmmhhhmmm... Ohhh....OHHHH.... CAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCAW...... That's how.

GhostDuck 30

Oh he ****-a-doodle dooed alright. O.o

Some people do - they make very high-pitched noises. When I first heard my flatmate at it (first time I had ever heard sex) I kept looking outside to try and find the wounded fox or animal that was making a very high pitched moans...

I don't know, but my roommate's girlfriend sounds like a puppy.

My condolences for your mental well being.

FMLshark 12

I'm still trying to wrap my mind around an ****** that sounds like a bird... My imagination is definitely going places.

I had something similar happen to me, but then I killed the cricket. I do not suggest you do the same to your mother.

DCarrasco526 4

There was a cricket that constantly orgasmed around you?!