By bobby - 14/03/2010 03:17 - Australia

Today, I found out my boyfriend thinks I'm too high maintenance because I have a chronic illness which requires frequent hospitalization. FML
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LoveUJustinBiebe 0

dump the asshole! dump him!

FYLDeep 25

Worst Username Ever.


you are too high maintenance

jasoniskiing 0

yeah. get rid of it ;) lol

OP you shouldn't have been rolling around in that toxic waste. Tsk, tsk.

YourEvilHero 12

I mnodded this lol. but yeah fyl, I'd say dump him but you probably love him.

Pball11 0

If he really cared for you he would look through the illness and hospital trips.

ilovewhoppers 0

I want to know what an op is an what is has to do with people and fml.... cuz I'm interested and confused with the word OP

ilovewhoppers 0

whhat an op

ilovewhoppers 0

i dont get it tjough what does the word obvious penos javr to do with fml

PsychoMerk 0

OP= oral prostitute

PsychoMerk 0

he's lying! it's Oyster Pilates!

iSwag 0

well, technically you are the very definition of the term

orangutang poop (however you spell that) *adds fml to favorites due to comments*

PsychoMerk 0

= Obstetrician practicing

I_am_Oblivious 0

ilovewhoppers, it actually means "Original Poster". :)

i hate you now mr i am obvious

I_am_Oblivious 0

And I'm suppose to care... why? X)

It honest doesnt mean any of these. I swear, the real definition of OP is orgasmic pineapples

mrsscott 6

that's stupid.

PsychoMerk 0

@ I am oblivious.... I love Circa!! :D

69th comment. Worship me nao

PsychoMerk 0

@ I am oblivious.... I love Circa!! :D

I_am_Oblivious 0

Me too... Me too. ^_^

G00dn1g#t merk. i play on ps3 btw

ilovewhoppers 0

what i dont get is what ORIGINAL POSTER means.... kk snickerwhatever ur face is u look like half guy half donkey soo for once can u plz keep ur opinions to urself we all know u have no life cuz ur on here like every second of the day and u must have like ten cats at home and no bf sooo do urself a favour and walk down a dark alley u might get lucky for once

do we have to spell out what op means? and insulting snickers for no reason isn't going to help you

PsychoMerk 0

ugh! lame! I play my Shooters on the 360 n RPGs on the ps3 :( well... add me! CapnDelicious00 :} night erryone!

ilovewhoppers 0

ahhhhh thank you i am oblivious ur thr only person that helped me and i appreciate it cuz a lot of ppl posted random things but u helped me so THANK YOUand me is a brunette not that blonde ppl are dumb cuz I have a blond friends and she is not dumb at all a little bit of a bad chicken but not dumb

orgyz 0

Dump his butt. Just imagine yourself in a delivery room pushing out a kid. Eeep.

orgyz 0

Orgasmical pie.

Chickens have blond hair? What type of chickens do you know?

hahaha snickerdoodles was pwned by comment 84. win!

ilovewhoppers 0

who was comment 84 it got deleted.......anyways after this I still don't know what original poster means so can someone plz take one sec and explain it to me :) thank you

OP = original poster = the person who posted the FML.

#5 don't you know what chronic means?

I agree with #1 and iSwag. That is pretty much what high maintenance means. Did he say he has a problem with it though? Don't read too much into labels.

Oblong Pancakes.

It's way more annoying to watch people make up "funny" definitions of "OP" than it is to be asked what the acronym means.

you think it's annoying that people have fun with their lives? go back to the basement. I thought I locked you in there until you got a sence of humor.

damn snicks is gettn hot

kellan1100 0

modernwarfare3, your number 75 so I won't worship.

@66: #67 can't even spell obvious!

ryguy997 0

if you require frequent hospitalization then it is like a car that needs to go to the mechanic every week/month which is in fact high maintainence.

kellen: my other comment is

maybeshe realy is too high matenace like she costs him alot of money.

jasoniskiing 0

if you guys don't know what an acronym is just go to it really helped me out and will save you he humiliation

f'k him, you deserve better.

@66 its obliviius not obious

kh2soldier 1

original poster dude

That sucks. Say I if you think snickerdoodles is a Bitch.

bezach 0

yes snicks...yes you are

ilovewhoppers, come back to the internet when you turn 13.

ratrun321 0



has anyone thought the op might mean MENTAL ILLNESS???


I agree with you that it's hard to deal with. both parties are almost entitled to breaking point - perhaps if this is the case for the op she needs to sort her own shit out before bringing someone into the situation. agreed, if it's a physical problem the bf ISA down right cruel inconsiderate asswipe.

nahh it means dyslexic condition..

boreddoubletears 0

Yeah it must really suck to have to be around mentally ill people. Poor, poor you. Ever think of how it is for the person?

hahah that sux!!

FYLDeep 25

That sucks for you Bob. Good luck finding someone who will accept that.

Lordlucian 0

hey look snickerdoodles is back

Lordlucian 0

lol ment to reply to #6

YA... what she said

makii06 0

awww that's Terrible.... beat him up then break up with him :)

LoveUJustinBiebe 0

dump the asshole! dump him!

FYLDeep 25

Worst Username Ever.

blaaaaakely 0

hahaha, agreed. Justin Bieber is a grade-A douchebag.

Remember when that guy from blues clues killed himself. Well I hope Justin beibsr one day is like "'mail time mail time" finds a bunch of hate mail and does just face from the ropes on his neck did.

the guy from blues clues killed himself!? O:

FYLDeep 25

I killed him. I just left clues to make it look otherwise. ;)

PsychoMerk 0

Steve's dead? :'(

PsychoMerk 0

oh.... ok :}

Steve Burns is still alive.

It's extremely difficult to date somebody that needs frequent hospitalization. I know from experience. The one I dated, then engaged to, died. It may not be hospital visits. Maybe it HURTS to see her in pain. We don't have both sides.

That is so sad! You deserve better anyways! Dump his butt and never look back!

Just because it's not her fault that she's ill doesn't mean that she's not high maintenance. I couldn't date someone who had both schizophrenia and manic depression because it was too much to handle. OP, you'll find someone else.