By movingout - 26/01/2013 23:50 - Australia - Ringwood

Today, I heard an owl near my house. I got excited, as they are not common in the area, and I listened intently to try and locate the source of the sound. After a few minutes, I realized I was not listening to an owl, but to my mother's sex noises. FML
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You could say she was having a hoot.

Did you know "too hot to hoot" is a palindrome- you can say it backwards and it reads the same way.


... That must have been a strange owl. Where they muffled owl noises? Now i'm imagining people making all kinds of animal sounds during sex...

I curious what made you realize it wasn't an owl. Was it when it hooted "haaarrdddderrrr" or "oh riiiight there"? This is how I imagined it... HOoooo oo oo ooooo oooooooooooo Oh yeah! An owl! Let me try and locate it! It seems to be coming from this way.... HOooooo Fuuccccckkkkk Yeaahhhhhhh!!!

Druu 53

"Hooo Hooo Hoooo Hooooo's my daddy?!"

You could say she was having a hoot.

Did you know "too hot to hoot" is a palindrome- you can say it backwards and it reads the same way.

DyslexicPanda 12

I'm glad you included the definition of palindrome cuz I was way too lazy to look it up.

You learn something new everyday. Weird Al Yankovich taught me everything I needed to know about palindromes.

Did you know, that the average head weighs 8-10lbs, and that if your hand is bigger than your face you are more susceptible to cancer, and also, a very well known fact, saying "gullible" very slowly, almost sounds like saying gummy bears. :F

KiddNYC1O 20

Hoot times. =]

Harshdfml 14

Hey Google.

what awkward sex noises to be making...

You can't imagine lol

I'm imagining 'fuzzies' making animal noises...

Not awkward at all. Who.. WHO... WHO'S MY DADDY! This is normal for us men to hear while in bed.

46 - at first glance I thought your profile pic was Robert Pattinson..

And if have seen avatar, the main character's avatar looks like Robert Pattison.

7yzz 18

"hoooHOOoooHOoooooh OOoooo hOOOOhoOhoooooooo hOOO!!" what the ****.

Mom and dad have been watching wild kingdom too often!

It's the circle of life

29- I tried, but it kept coming out as Elmore Fudd!

That has to be an awful realization to have.

Yeah must have been since it's on FML.

First it sounded like whistling, now it sounds like an owl. Your mother's quite fond of birds eh?

HowAreYouToday 34

I'm just wondering why Oedipus has an FML account.

Lmao your mom is having fun!!!!

The elusive white tailed sex owl.

I've heard of a lot of strange sex noises, but yelling "WHO! WHO!" is not one of them.

sugarshane007 20


"Who are you? Who, who? Who, who?"

Ooh, ooh sounds close enough.

If I recall correctly, there was another FML that talked about a "night bird" that turned out to be another mother's sex noises. Starting to notice a pattern here...