Creeped out

By shawty - 22/08/2010 12:14 - Australia

Today, I heard my mother and father having sexual intercourse, and I found out that my mother moans the same way as my girlfriend. Guess who I now think about every time my girlfriend moans? FML
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herbasaur 0

maybe it was your girlfriend O.o

My first guess would be your dog.


Yung23 0

umm that's pretty gross dude!!!!

the_flirtt 0

hell ya and now u need to tell ur girlfriend to moan different

Yeah get some ear plugs a new gf or forgetful powder! 

thorfinntheassri 0

There is a simple solution to this, have sex with your mother. By the laws of transition, during this act you should be thinking about your girlfriend.

TaylorTotsYumm 10

This is a real FML.

the_flirtt 0

wow my comment disapeared :(

Cates500 0

Haha that's just great

Ydi for saying sexual intercourse, cuz they were fucking.

Try out some girls and see which one moans right? Maybe your girlfriends broken or something. o,o

FYL, that would suckkkkkk

yomama126 0

that sucks!! FYL

wtf  awkwarddddddddddd

are you sure it was your mom in there?

Ydi for listening to your parents have sex.

how can you be sure it was your mom??? also MILF

skull_candy 0

“ Looks like they're fucking to me. "

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Daerauko 0

I'm with 81. your girlfriend was bangin your dad!

anniex 0

HELLOOOOO 27.... ;)

bubbarific 0


hmm I like naenae's suggestion

bet ur mom teaches her how to moan (;

RTRbryant 0

stupified stop post a thousand fuckin comments

frootietootie 0

ummm gross is all I have to say

overthelimit 3

Today, I cheated on my boyfriend with his hot dad. Now he won't have sex with me. I think he's caught on. FML

lol YDI for saying sexual intercourse

hahahahahahah that SUCKS

jakymoon 0

u sure ur dad ain't fuckin ur girl insted if ur mum?

And I think it's a mite pathetic of you to feel the need to defend yourself on FML.

hbcbmx 5

hey who let justin bieber out of his cage bwaaaah ha ha

Jessi2487 0

sexual intercourse? who say that? but that sucks OP... i probably will never have sex again if i thought about my mom while doing it. i hopr tht doesnt sound weird

yes indeed...creepy and awkward as hell

rima33 0


maye it wasn't even his mom?!

mynameiskate 0


naenae why u take ur pic off? and that sucks op

Ydi For Calling Ir Sexual Intercourse. Just Call It Sex. Really.

Guess who his dad thinks about every time his mom moans?

Christopher08 0

dammit girl scandlous

Put_Name_Here 0

This FML just scarred me for life. :(

Macromartyr 3

I'm lucky enough to have had to endure those noises...

NickK49 0

Ummm parent fetish much?

Maybe when he says "lucky enough" he's being sarcastic?

Macromartyr 3

...I didn't think that statement was too complicated... I'll re-word it: Thankfully, I've never heard my own parents do that. Better?

DDuggs 1

actually 100 you are wrong, the way you worded it said that you were lucky to hear it, so quit being a smartass

When you said, "Re-word," I think you meant to say, "Reverse."

Yeah. you definitely worded it to mean the opposite the first time.

imagineapc 11

No one understands sarcasm these days. Dumbasses.

Macromartyr 3

Oooooh I see where everyone is getting these weird mind sets from. I forgot to put the word "never" before "had to". Simple mistake :P. As for Dduggs, way to call me a smart ass in the wrong text, dumb ass. :)

I SOOO agree!! fyl!! I heard my parents once about 15yrs ago & it STILL grosses me out!!!!

My first guess would be your dog.

TheBlueWaffler 0


big_smucker 0

what flavor are dem waffles?

a blue waffle =D and at least u didn't walk in on then -.- an one of them not be your mom

NickK49 0

Maybe there the same person!!!!!

NickK49 0


might as well keep it in the family then LoL

ydi for having parents. ydi for having a girlfriend. ydi for using the phrase "sexual intercourse".

carly426 0

nastyyy lol