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Today, I realized that my boyfriend really does have a problem with my upper-lip hair. I woke up this morning to him ripping a wax strip off of my face. All he could say after I stopped shrieking was that he had hoped it wouldn't wake me up. FML
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Rddvl 11

Wax his eyebrows off while he's sleeping!

LiesAndMischief 4

20 - You know what? No, **** that. A girl doesn't have to shave, wax, whatever if she doesn't ******* want to. I don't care who you are, as long as you keep yourself clean, you should never be made to feel bad for having a little facial hair, leg hair, hair wherever. If you find yourself not attracted to such a person, then fine, but don't you DARE try to force your opinion onto someone else like that. That is such an inexcusable invasion of personal space, seriously.


Rddvl 11

Wax his eyebrows off while he's sleeping!

Better yet, get a friend and wax his whole stomach at once

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Even better wax off his pubes, he will scream like a little girl :)

Nabee143 3

16 Wax his whole stomach? Gross! Who is she dating, Bigfoot? Lol

LiesAndMischief 4

20 - You know what? No, **** that. A girl doesn't have to shave, wax, whatever if she doesn't ******* want to. I don't care who you are, as long as you keep yourself clean, you should never be made to feel bad for having a little facial hair, leg hair, hair wherever. If you find yourself not attracted to such a person, then fine, but don't you DARE try to force your opinion onto someone else like that. That is such an inexcusable invasion of personal space, seriously.

Next time, get rid of yo own nasty lip hair! May I suggest electrolysis?

LiesAndMischief 4

So because I have an opinion I feel strongly about, that means I'm in bitch mode? I'm just sick of society's double standards when it comes to shaving. Guys don't have to, that's fine, but girls who don't are gross. I'm sorry if I came off too strongly, I just think it's very hurtful, shallow and unnecessary to judge a woman for having some hair on her upper lip.

No, she's right. Double standards are just inexcusible. If a guy isn't attracted by it, or finds it gets in the way, then that's his problem. If he confronts her about it and she refuses, that doesn't give him a reason to try it himself. It's not his body, it's hers. Same goes for guys. If a girl asks him to shave something and he doesn't want to, he shouldn't feel pressured either.

Nabee143 3

16 Ohhhh I know now! She must be dating Steve Carell from 40 year old Virgin--- "KELLY CLARKSON!" Lol

I agree they are bad, but double standards are everywhere, they happen to everyone regardless of race, colour, gender sexuality

gmc_blossom 21

64- I laughed more than I should have at your comment. 0.0

I feel like women are overreacting here. (And that's a bit of an understatement...) The point is, there's a common courtesy when being in a relationship. Regardless of gender. Shaving legs, armpits, etc if you're a girl. Guys shave their face and other things depending on the guy. What OPs boyfriend did was not cool, but people who are saying he should love her the way she is? Its a mustache. On a girl. Strangely enough I was reading about facial hair on women the other day, and its very rare. OPs boyfriend just might not like the feeling. Its a weird feeling when you kiss someone who has whiskers above their lips. Calm down, feminists.

So men having to shave their face every day because society pressures them into being clean cut because that's the only way to look successful is okay? Woman. Everyone gets ****** over by the pressure of society and I guarantee men are a lot more insecure than most women when it comes to their appearance they just aren't as LOUD about it.

124- just because you read it on the Internet does not make it true. Shocking. I know.

By facial hair, I meant full mustache. The soft barely-there-hair is something that covers tummies and most unhairy spots. There is a difference. Besides, if the hair is coarse in texture but hard to see, it may just be uncomfortable when brushed against with something as sensitive as lips. OPs boyfriend may not have realized it until after they started dating. People are just making too big of a deal out of this. I've read FMLs where the OP has an accidental pubic hair incident, and people are like, ”Ew shave that shit.” Yet everyone defends the OP in an FML like this. I agree her boyfriend is a dickweed for trying this, but this isn't something that OP can't fix like close together eyes or a funny nose. Its a collection of hair in an unfortunate location. That's all. If its that noticeable, it should be taken care of by its owner.

I don't see many women walking around with a full beard do you? Most women I see get their lip waxed barely have anything just light peach fuzz. So yeah it is rare for women to have facial hair... Duh?!

136- I have loved every single comment you've made on this topic!! Being a girl that has dark hair, I also (like most women) have some facial hair and it sucks having anyone comment on that let alone the "expectation" that most males have that women should have no hair on their bodies other then on their heads! Waxing is not fun, let alone waxing everything just so society thinks you're attractive. I also love that your a gorgeous girl and are probably told that alot, but you haven't let that go to your head and just fallen in with society's views! I would have you stand in my corner anytime! Doesn't it bother you that there haven't been very many men that have stood up and agreed with you, or commented on our's (or their girlfriends) behalf?! Personally I think porno's and playboy's have completely skewed male's image of what a woman 'should' look and act like! Just my opinion though... :)

129 - Really? You're really making that argument? Yes, men are expected to shave their beards in order to be considered "presentable" in many cases, but women are expected to tear out every piece of hair that does not sprout out of the top of their heads (upper lip, legs, bikini/brazilian/, - if they are "too" hairy -, armpits, any eyebrow hair that is not perfectly coifed). And the consequences for women who do not/cannot are much greater, too: women who do not conform, for whatever reason, are made to feel ugly and unwanted, as if they are completely worthless.

jojimugo 20

All of these from lip hair removal WOW

Is it really that hard to try and keep a clean and fresh appearance? I mean, those kind of basic things like shaving are something everyone should do (unless you're trying to grow a beard). It's like someone not showering or clipping their nails. That's just being lazy...

@Elenasbrazilian - I've read most of your posts and can easily say I completely agree! Society expects us to shave every part of our body that isn't the scalp and completely demean us when we don't! I myself only started shaving at the age of 14 and only consented to it because everyone gave me hell for it. Friends, family, a lot of people told me that it would be much better to shave. Funny part is, when I say I like a shaved man (Not just facial hair, but ALL hair) those same people complain to me that I am ridiculous. That making them lose their hair would make them lose their manliness. Honestly? I think them more manly for taking on the shaving and accompanying me through the pain than most men who say shaving isn't for them.

Nabee143 3

Wow 181, looks like you're writing a novel here with all the super long posts. Seriously, who are you trying to impress here? It's really not that serious. Calm down, drink a glass of wine, and use your vibrator perhaps? Just a thought. Anyways, OP I hope you get him back because he definitely deserves it! Make him cry for all the women who's men did something like that to them. Good luck! :)

gashing 2

Seenow sir u are a logical man if a wanted a female with a mustache i would juz get a tranny hahaha

gashing 2

An that iz y u hav a beaver as ur propic cuz its a self portrait am i correct haha hair isnt sexi on a women now granted u may cum across the 2 percent of men with a fetish but thats it i mean we like u for u true but u still hav to put sum effort into god smh

I beg to differ, girls with beards and mustaches just don't belong....

#146, you blame playboys and hollywood for what men think women should look like. Women are no better. Women complain about Barbie toys making girls insecure but if you give a boy a He-Man toy or max steel then no one cares about how a boy would look at that as what they have to try to be.

kittykat1501 31

Wax his beard in his sleep, only fair right?

but guys are supposed to have facial hair, so no, not fair

Lizza330 28

If girls weren't supposed to have hair then we'd be born hairless.

9 - Many guys shave their facial hair, what's your point?

ImWhiteBoy_WhoRU 10

Never EVER **** with a man's beard.

Everyone has upper lip hair, just some are darker then others. Most women are self concious and wax, shave, or pluck it, not realizing it causes them to grow back thicker and faster. It is the woman's choice, just like a man's to shave their beard/mustashe, on what they want to do with it.

OhDearBetrayal 25

30- That's actually a myth. It doesn't matter how many times you shave or wax, hair will not magically grown back thicker.

Mearemoi 14

#34 - I doesn't magically grow thicker, true, but with shaving, it will feel more prickly and thick because the thinner tip of the hair is cut off, and we're left with the thicker part of the hair.

theannak 7

34, no but it comes back black. Thin or thick, black hair is noticeable.

30- please don't advertise your laser hair removal business here.

51, no it doesn't. It grows back the exact same colour it was before.

34 - it does grow back darker, at least in some cases. Haven't seen it on myself since I'm too chicken to try, but it's definitely more visible on my sister. Like a lot more visible.

Who dare's wake me from my slumber.

Bonzer 2

You would have to be a really heavy sleeper for that to work.

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108- because it's out fault we were born with upper lip hair. Totally. Douche.

cheshireau 26

Can't blame the bf. No guy wants to date a girl with a 'stache

Nabee143 3

Yea it's funny when it doesn't happen to you. I'm doubting your statement would stay the same if it had happened to you. So yea, it is funny shit so you should probably sleep with one eye open because your boyfriend does it to you tonight! Have fun!!

Nabee143 3

Yea it's funny when it doesn't happen to you. I'm doubting your statement would stay the same if it had happened to you. So yea, it is funny shit so you should probably sleep with one eye open because your boyfriend does it to you tonight! Have fun!! Edit: Not sure why this posted twice. Could be this crazy app. Sorry!

I would either tell the truth or if it was something that really bothered me than I wouldn't be dating that person in the first place.

BlackStag 7

Answer: an ignorant one. I mean come on! If it bothered him then he could have a) left her. It might have sucked, but if he's that shallow chances are she would have been better off. OR b) told the truth from the start! it might have hurt her feelings, but it would have saved both of them the humiliation

50- OP says she realized that her boyfriend "really has a problem" with her upper lip hair, so he probably talked to her about it before and she didn't listen or take it seriously.

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67, shaving does not affect the colour or texture of the hair in any way.

maybe she didn't really have a mustache? I had a tiny bit of blonde peach fuzz and my ex thought it was ok to pull be over to a mirror and ask me to "do something about that". guys are just petty jerks sometimes

I know some who shave out of laziness. But with so many products available for this, the choices are endless. And many are pain free such as bleach or cream hair remover. They take about 10 minutes of your time every 5-8 weeks. Upper lip hair is normal for females. The darker you'd hair color the more likely you will have to treat it. While op's bf shouldn't have waxed her in her sleep, if it bothers him, if may not hurt to take a look into how noticeable the hair is as well as options to treat it if she chooses.

kairi920 0

And then you have those , like me, with sensitive skin. Those bleaches and hair removal creams leave me with red, irritated skin. It's not always easy to treat.

There's also this device called an epilator which is a hand held machine that basically like 100 tweezers plucking out hair...sounds bad but is very effective. You can use it anywhere and because the hair is being pulled out by the roots, every time you use it it'll grow back less and less, and also thinner. It's a good tool! Hurts a whole lot less than waxing.

DarkDaedalus009 8

The pubes would hurt a lot more. I'd say wax his armpits.

Well, I think it'd make more of a point if she waxed his pubes; it would get back at him - no girl wants to find out that her boyfriend is disgusted by a masculine quality of hers, especially not by him climbing on her face and ripping it off. OP and her boyfriend must respect each other a lot.

Nabee143 3

I say wax his butthole hair! That would hurt a whole lot worse! Lol I can see it now-- Him screaming like a little baby girl, crying and clenching his buttcheeks! Lol

Nabee143 3

Wow really? No one thought that was funny? Oh well. I thought it was hilarious but I've been shunned. When I wrote that comment, I was actually imagining doing that to my husband! Hahahaha! HE would cry like a little girl! Lol

gashing 2

U mam are a twisted individuel

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Rddvl 11

Even if it's a turn off, OP's boyfriend shouldn't have done that. If he really loves her, he wouldn't care what she looked like. Your profile picture just makes you look like a douche along with your comment.

He's just one of those guys that think muscle is everything. And god damn is that annoying.

Well if she really loved him she wouldn't have a lip ferret. One stupid comment deserves another.

LiterOfCola 16

You guys are being really judgmental of 10. What he said is unarguably true (the second sentence, the first is an opinion) whether you agree with what he's implying or not (that Op is justified).. I mean I personally couldn't help but think if it was a guys unwanted hair somewhere such as in the ear or nose people might have say he deserved it

32 You have negative votes, guess who loses this round.

LiterOfCola 16

I don't agree that it's okay for OPs boyfriend to have done that for the record. im just sayin

It doesn't matter if it made her more attractive to him, he had no right to violate her like that. If he actually had a problem with it (although, beyond society's unrealistic and unattainable standards for women, I don't see why it should matter), the boyfriend should have discussed it with OP like an adult. She might have gotten mad, but probably not as mad as she was waking up to an upper lip wax. Also, her job as a girlfriend is to be a supportive, loving partner (as is his as a boyfriend). She does not exist solely to please him with her appearance. That is what we call a sexual object, and it's unacceptable to expect women to live like that.

Nabee143 3

59- It seems you do, am I right? Now, what was the point again?

My fiancée doesn't have a mustache.However if she did, I'd bring it to her attention and my view on it. Saying that we've been together a long time, heck she shaves my ear hair and I don't mind (course not in my sleep though.) As for #10 profile picture if that is truly him. Good for him it's hard to get a body like that and don't judge someone because of there body and yes it goes both ways. You bag on him for having a nice body and automatically assume he's all about looks. That's just as wrong as seeing someone obese and saying that they must love fast food.

tweetbaby14 18

81, having a face that isn't always hairy does not seem so unrealistic to me. It's pretty easy to shave your face, there really is no excuse that could be made for the OP having a moustache. The boyfriend may have gone about getting rid of the hair the wrong way, but that's about it. YDI OP for not practicing basic female grooming. Vote me down as much as you guys would like for saying that.

'Basic female grooming.' Shave leg hair, shave pubes, shave hair on feet and fingers, shave armpits... and you REALLY think adding shaving mustache is 'not a hard thing to do'? You do, in fact, need the time to do it and the money to buy the products. And have the energy to do it. I myself wear a lot of long jeans and I see my bf once every three months, so if I shave, it's only when people can actually see it. And yes, I have a slight mustache, only visible in certain light and when looking up close, and I just cba.

LiterOfCola 16

171: You're life is just so hard isn't it? I know I'm not the one you were addressing but damn, chill out. Why are you trying to start some heated debate about shaving if you have such a shortage of time and energy? To each their own, just do you and chill.

gashing 2

True luv iz strong but just becuz u luv sumone dosnt mean u dont care wat they look like smh

well then what you should do to him is you should draw a penis on his face and then wax his legs while he is sleeping

Mearemoi 14

Draw it with permanent marker! If he's dumb enough, he might not know that rubbing alcohol will take it out and he'll be stuck with it on his face for quite the time :)