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  BeautifulMine  |  16

I would imagine if he cared that much about it being there at all he would have left a razor instead of scissors. Believe it or not there are men who actually like it when a woman looks like a woman instead of a child. My man sure as shit does. I shaved one time just to see what he thought and we both hated it. Besides if a man told me he wouldn't be with me because I have long hair on my head or brown eyes then I'm obviously better off without him. Anyone has the right to keep their body however they want it. My temple not yours, and if you don't like it then keep it moving and stfu.

By  spoo  |  24

I know most are probably going to say FML on this one and flame the guy, but I dont think "trimming" is anywhere near the changes that are typicaly requested the other way. (keep in mind this mentions scissors not a razor). You know most guys have to make a concious effort to remember to put the toilet lid down? ... which is ironic because the concern is that women arent ok making a concious effort to look before sitting

  plum_lovin  |  28

Um idk what this has to do with the FML but I don't think it's the looking down part that bothers women, it's the having to touch the pee splashed toilet seat.. and no not all men are dirty like that but you get my point..