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Today, my girlfriend kindly broke the news to me that she doesn't want to take part in any sexual activity anymore because it's getting too boring. FML
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time to spice it up. maybe try doggy style (my favorite by the way) or learn how to go down like a pro. communication in the sack is important for a successful relationship.

I love how appropriate your pic is for this comment! -STERN FACE-

dump her. my bffs boyfriend won't kiss or have sex with her because she isn't a screamer, and she won't dump him. don't look like you have no self respect OP, leave her

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sounds like it's time for some SURPRISE BUTT SEX!

more like forced butt revenge anger sex

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Sorry...Go bowling. hahah jk lolz.

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I'd turn to asphyxiation, choke her a little. If that doesn't work, good luck.

try getting into some yoga and watch more **** it's sure to help :D

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no. 24 doggy style ... smh ur pic is a dog soo I don't tink the doggy style u like is normal

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Just yell "Suprise!" before the rape (;

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go 'bowling for columbine'?

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wow .... lolololol people hav sum good ideas on here eh .. lmfao

just a thought "If you ain't giving it to her someone else is"

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Back to my girl- oh... wait...

ImThePope 2

OH! #1 your picture is my iPods background.. even though you don't care.

Seems like it's time to invite someone else!?

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You still got 6 chicks palm and her five friends.

he should look up the niggaflip, it's super funny and a great technique... lol:)

VODKA!! that should spice things up a bit! lol

possibility she's been doing someone else on the side?

She has no reason to bitch if she's not even trying; at any rate, that's bs, and you should probably move on and find someone else who isn't as frigid and who enjoys trying new things, not just laying there like a rag doll...

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Easily the best titled FML.

tell her oh thank god u said it before me i was getting tired of u just laying there wasnt doing anything for me

we give mire sex if you give it to us the way we like it

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It takes two to tango, boys. If you're boring and she's not just laying there- your fault, not her being a lazy bitch.

just watch some **** and take notes on it.... you'll be alright. or tell her if you don't practice you won't get any better

Modern **** usually focuses on satisfying men, so probably not the ideal place to get tips on satisfying a woman..,

Yeah, because **** is so realistic. Not to mention each person has their own preferences. Why not just talk with your partner about what they would like and what they would like to change to make things more exciting? Also, there is this research "OMGyes" that collected their data from actual women about pleasuring them(selves). A lot better source than staged ****.

try some new moves, and if she is losing interest that could throw your relationship out the window coz it dosnt sound like she loves you very much

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I agree w/ Smiles. try spending more time on her & focus on her. especially, you know where. slow then gradually speed up. like starting a car in sub-zero temps. gotta warm it up then drive it or you will stall. if it's a no-go, then you now know where you need improvement, then go learn!

5 it seems you don't like grammar much, and you threw it out the window.

79- a car will not stall out in sub zero temperatures. the only things your risking is ruining your transmission. when starting a car in sub zero temperatures it is best to wait until the inside of the car is heated to a comfortable degree for the passengers and/or the engine temperature is at it's normal running temperature. this ensures that your transmission is at it's normal tenperature and you won't over work it or eat up your gears or synchronizers.

hahaha because I wrote 'coz', grow up ******** it's an fml app not school

That wasn't the only thing you did wrong.

You used the word "wrong" incorrectly. If you're going to be an idiot who has to correct grammar to feel better about yourself, then please, at least do it correctly.

159 you clearly need to grow up and 160 I agree with you

She said it, do what ya can, and then its up to her, but I can give you a 50% chance she's cheating

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She could have broken up with you. There's somethin'.

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Buy some toys. Toys make everything fun.

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Like a sponge-bob pillow, or a Buzz Lightyear action figure (anatomically correct).

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I know where I'd put the action figure, not sure about the pillow though...

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haha not that kind of toy ! adult toys!

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yes i think they know that. its called being sarcastic

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Of course that's the answer, that'll always help the situation.

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at least you still got your hand to love