By Anonymous - 06/10/2012 23:04 - United States

Today, my girlfriend texted one of her male friends, saying she's turned off by the thought of sex with me. She suggested a bit of "exercise sex" with him. I'm sure he would have eagerly agreed, if he'd been the one receiving the texts. FML
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kut17 11

Have exercise sex with her sister.

rein 8

What a bitch! Dump her sorry ass.


MasterTron 24

And you know op is fat how o.O?

kut17 11

And you know op is skinny how?

that_guy666 3

right he deserves it because his girlfriend is acting like a cheating hoe?

kut17 11

Have exercise sex with her sister.

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kut17 11

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I agree with #2. Fuck her sister, then Take naked pictures of your ex-girlfriend, post them on Facebook, send them to father, Get father charged with assault when he kicks your ass, and then have sex with her mom while her husband is in jail. Oh golly, I sure do hate cheaters. Seriously tho.

And then have sex with her moms sister.

Idk I just thought you had the most wit. But I got voted down or thinking you were cool o.o I guess I'm the only one who thinks you are?

But 27, oranges are not the only fruit!

mduffy08 8

At this rate he minds well just **** everybody in her family.

#21 not related at all, but you are so pretty! Do you model?

Confront her. It sounds like you need to have an in depth talk about your relationship. Good luck OP,my heart goes out to you.

I would say more of an in depth talk about ENDING the relationship.

I'm usually dead set against "dump them" replies to these FMLs, but in this case, yes, dump the dumb bitch.

iHeartRKO 5

Screw that, only his girlfriend, get rid of the *****

Yes, this is really sad that the Original Poster had to experience this heart break due to his (hopefully now) ex-girlfriend. But at least it was discovered now instead of years from now, where there could be a marriage and babies involved between them. OP, this is a blessing in disguise.

rein 8

What a bitch! Dump her sorry ass.

One of the very few "dump him/her" scenarios I agree with completely. No one deserves that, if she isn't happy enough in the relationship that she would try and offer sex to another guy then she should have either talked it out with you or left. At this point knowing what she was trying leaves nothing to salvage from the relationship because trust is destroyed, and no good relationship has room for doubt and distrust. OP, you will find someone else who respects you.

I hope you dumped that bitch. Sorry OP. There are still many fish in the sea :).

You call op's girlfriend a fish? More like bottom-feeder.

DarkJediLove 19

Exercise your right to walk away.

SApprentice 34

It's time for the two of you to have a serious conversation then.

krysstar 5

Dump that bitch. She has no respect for you and obviously doesn't seem to like you as much as you like her.

Time to exercise the first amendment and your middle finger.

I think the second amendment might be a bit more appropriate in this situation.

41: Don't shoot anybody, okay? It's not cool.

Yeah defs time to dumb her ass. What a massive bitch and not to mention bit of a ****.

Sinkhole 26

I think her ass is already dumb.