By Anonymous - 27/03/2012 15:54 - Australia - Perth

Today, I realised being the only female engineering student sucks. I have exactly one friend, because everyone else is too busy staring at my boobs to have a conversation. FML
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Only one guy is clever enough for you to not notice.

annetartica 6

Tell them that you used to be a man. Works everytime.


Only one guy is clever enough for you to not notice.

tarabelle 7

At least she has her pick of guys!

You can't blame guys. Boobs are just too great

That one guy is smart because he's thinking long term.

While others will just stare, soon he'll be groping them.

shanemaximo 7

He is biding his time, waiting for the right moment to strike.

Osito2011 9

I bet he has really good peripheral vision and op just doesn't notice.

justhanging 6

"He is biding his time, waiting for the right moment to strike." He is stuck in the friend-zone and has no idea that he'll never get out.

Hahahahahaha these strings of comments are one of the funniest I have read on FML. Ahahha there's no faith on the male species, when it comes to woman Ahaha .

Apparently not, even though my first reaction was wondering what engineering class she was in instead of how hot she is or how big her **** are

Damn_Hippster 11

This is what happens when a woman leaves the kitchen. -jokes

UrbanOutfitter 2

Have any of you ever considered that OP's friend may be a girl?

MargieDrury 1

Op is THE ONLY FEMALE. read it helps

haycassidy 7

^ Probably not since the FML says she is the only female in her class.

It could be an Engineering SCHOOL "Class" isn't mentioned in the FML.

UrbanOutfitter 2

You're right, I misread that. Thank you for clearing that up for me!

UrbanOutfitter 2

DogsPaw, that was what came to mind at first. I guess it could work that way, but I understand why everyone thinks otherwise. Thank you, though!

wuffman 10

Impossible, she clearly states she is the only girl in that engineering course. Fail.

125, there is no engineering school in WA. I have seen how male concentrated those courses are at every single university here. The novelty of "the choice of men" would wear off. Poor girl.

seriouslythat 6

I have the same problem, but I don't think my life sucks.

Cover them up? Easy solution. Unless your like double D's then sorry op. No getting around it.

I'm guessing the one guy who isn't starring at her breast is gay.

#156 - Or he's being smart, and pretending not to be mesmerized by them, so he can have those long-term benefits. xD

bizarre_ftw 21

... leave your hopes, dreams, and sense of possibility at the door

You can easily cover double D's up. I do it all the time, though it is harder during summer. If OP lives in a cold place, this would be super easy.

annetartica 6

Tell them that you used to be a man. Works everytime.

Osito2011 9

I don't know! One of those guys might be in to that or curiosity might kick and and everyone might want to take a peek to see if the plumbing has change.

justhanging 6

Still closer to being a female than anything else the engineers have a shot at.

I hate people that just comment "Hahaha", it's so annoying. There's a ****** like button right on the comment for you. Start using it.

StiffPvtParts 43

I don't know, man... That might be a huge turn on for some.

On the plus side, you'll be asked out a lot?

I have a lingering suspicion that if the op was interested in even 1 of those guys this wouldn't have made it onto the site as an FML.

toenibbler 14

On the down side, it'll be by a bunch of guys who stare at her boobs all the time?

sceneblondie 8

I'm in my second year of engineering classes and all the guys are nerds. So even if she does get asked out, it's not a good thing.

What the hell is wrong with nerds? Who the hell do you think invented all the stuff that you use today? Idiots?

xStaciexLynnx 15

129- I think the kind of guy who holds his shirt up in the mirror and takes a picture of his abs may have been part of creating the camera on phones and he's surely not an intelligent man.

129: I'd say that you're even less intelligent if you think that cameras were built into phones just for the purpose of selfies and shirtless pics.

281 either you're very stupid or you were referring to 143.

TheFinalWub 3

lol, have you tried maybe covering up a little more? may help haha

What if I tell you guys stare at boobs no matter how covered they are?

If you've got it flaunt it - that seems to be the logic most girls have.

Birdie_Sage 0

Boobies stick out even when covered up, that's one difference between boy and girl.

54: Well of course, if it benefits you. But it's quite annoying when you can't have a normal conversation with a guy without them staring even if you're wearing a big hoodie.

1. Sometimes the climate is warm enough to warrant less coverage 2. Some women are just more comfortable with more showing 3. A lot of guys I've known in my life wouldn't wear shirts if they didn't have to. They're not considered man-******. Double standards=lame.

The_Troller 14

Yeah, no double standards! Women shouldn't even need to wear shirts at all now!

They don't, here in Ontario, Canada. They can go without shirt and bra, same as guys. Only a few do though. Yes, really. :)

Haha you sure your in the right class?

"Today, I realized being the only female engineering student sucks." I'm pretty sure she's in the right class.

*sarcasm font* yes she has been going to the wrong class all year

So now you can get a head in class while they wish for head.

Aww, that stink and you now the other guy is smart to see you for who you really are!

Thumb DOWN. Please learn to type, or at least write.????

Redmont, a period followed by 4 question marks is glaringly incorrect, and your last phrase should have been "or at least to write." The comma is also extraneous. Maybe you should learn some basic grammar before you criticise others.

Grammar Nazi without the Nazi. I like your style, Doc.

Why is this thumbed down. What I got from his comment is that the one guy, OP's friend, sees her for who she actually is. There was nothing about the rest of the classmates who stare at her boobs.

PenguinSwag47 0

Well I guess it's time to suck up to Doc like everyone else does! Doc, everything you say is wonderful.

My apologies, 144. I wasn't aware that passing a comment about someone not going off the rails over a grammar mistake, as is so often the case here, qualified as "sucking up".

He didn't go off the rails anymore than anyone else. Most grammar corrections that I see thumbed down appear to be only the correction followed by an asterisks. Just by word count, those are the most tame corrections.

lol Awwwww girly that sucks, I HATE it when guys stare at your boobs when your trying to hav a convo, it just makes you feel awkward! hahaha

If you're showing cleavage, you can't blame them.

desireev 17

39- I completely agree with you! If a woman wants to be treated like a lady and not have guys staring at her boobs all the time, then she needs to dress like one. A woman can't complain that men always stare at her boobs when her boobs are hanging out of her shirt! Oh well! Hooray for Boobies!!! :D

spekledworf 18

You don't need to show cleavage for guys to stare, especially if you're big chested

62- could not agree more. I myself am large chested, and I generally dress rather conservatively, and many males young and old, of all backgrounds stare. It does not matter if they are covered.

I wonder if girls would do the same if the style was for men to have their nuts hanging out of their pants.

desireev 17

Oh, you'd DEFINITELY have alot of people staring! Lmao Male and female!!

Uh, women with pronounced breast sizes will still get stared at no matter how she tries to cover up.

'IF you're showing cleavage you can't blame them'??? Are you ******* kidding me? YES YOU BLOODY WELL CAN BLAME THEM. These guys are socially inept, but clearly it's the chick's fault for having breasts that you assume are uncovered? You people are a bunch of sexist pigs. The guys and their inability to control their dicks are to blame, NOT the girl that happens to be in a male-dominated field.

lrgenesis 19

That just means you have a nice rack! Take it as a compliment, they all love you in some way:)

perdix 29

Not necessarily. In engineering school, simply possessing a rack is worthy of obsessive attention.

lrgenesis 19

Exactly my point. They love her for her ****