By Anonymous - 13/09/2011 05:53 - United Kingdom

Today, I found out that the engineers I work with believe that a woman with an engineering degree working in an engineering company is apparently equivalent to a "secretary for engineers." I am that woman. FML
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leadman1989 15

Well they are smart, joking put some boot to ass and show them who's boss!!!

btstig 11

Outwork them to shut their bitching up.


leadman1989 15

Well they are smart, joking put some boot to ass and show them who's boss!!!

rexgar2000 10

that would get her fired... gosh

They are jerks.

Sexist bastards.

everything besides driving well, parallel parking, reading a map and playing real sports

People need to modernise the **** up and realise that there is no job a man can do that a woman can't, and visa versa. Almost. A woman can't be a man *****... I think.

52 two words. Sex change.

Most women don't have the physique to be in the same athletic league as men.

#113 your comment is idiotic, gtfo.

52: she can if she has the right equipment

There must be a reason for that ... Show them your worth or you're out.

I think sexism is the main reason here.

icanhazblivions 1

Yeah, women are nothing like raccoons. They're all over the place, as in I'm just going to take a guess and say that all of those guys at least have a mother. This is good old-fashioned cultural influence not a case of the elusive raccoon.

nativepimp 1

What about raccoons?

Why should she have to prove to them shes worth it? Thats a bit harsh implying shes at fault for this.

lionskull 2

what are you doing in a women's college, the only reason men in engineering treat women like that is because there are no women in most engineering colleges, and that is a fact (in my engineering class the boy to girl ratio is more than 50 to 1). the only women most engineers see in college are their mothers who do women type stuff(cleaning, cooking, organizing, ...) and ugly girls (ugly to hot ratio in engineering 5/1) so, i cant really blame them for treating u like that its just the way they are, not saying that it is right.

lexex1 4

Do you make them sandwiches?

btstig 11

Outwork them to shut their bitching up.

Steven696 6

I don't see the problem here.

rexgar2000 10

well show them that you can do more than just that! if you dont then ydi.

Wow, Dad, I didn't realise you had an account on here.

Wow ratt, I didn't notice the botched attempt at sarcasm and insulting someone. Then I saw the -1.

CryMore? The only reason my Dad couldn't have said that is that he's the one espousing the original sexist comment for which "I don't see the problem here" is the sexist response. And its -7 now, thank you very much.

Make them sandwiches?

Sorry didn't realize that had already been said xD

yeah, it was just as retarded and unfunny the first time, "bro"

mistersheezy 7

You are what you allow yourself to be....


Ravens Bitch! Your boy Palaolu get his ass kicked by Jared Johnson!

mistersheezy 7

Well why is she being treated like secretary?

mistersheezy 7

Spell check works wonders..... even for idiots.

That's an unpopular point but not wholly off the mark. I'm a female in a male-dominated field. I don't fetch coffee, make copies, keep a candy dish, or file. I stick to my professional duties even if I sometimes feel rude getting a cup of tea for just myself.

Senior29 8

cud be cuz ur hot?

Not in engineering, or the UK for that matter

Madiluvsyuh98 2

Could it be cuz youre hot?

Could it be BECAUSE you ' re hot? Is it really that hard to spell "because" and add a ' where it's needed?

42 was just complimenting. No need to correct everyones grammatical errors. Idiotic grammar Nazis.

Madiluvsyuh98 2

Exactly 114

lionskull 2

there are extremely hot girls in engineering but they are the minority, the very small minority.

Now think of the minority of hot girls in the UK in general, and I mean like ethnic English, welsh and Scottish, immigration is not included

Wow, they're dumb...obviously you're there to make the sandwiches!

I want bologna on mine!

Women's job: Sex or sammiches

Bologna is gross.

uprising_fml 0

to number 33-- you represent the part of society that is still made of sexist, ignorant, ******* Neanderthal pigs, and until you all either die or actually learn something, our world will never progress . i'm a woman and I could a hell of a lot more than you, bitch.

94 you should save that aggression for the *******

Why don't you shut the **** up and go back in the kitchen? If you hate the kind of guys like me, why the he'll are you on the Internet? Also, you can do more than me? LOL I'm actually a Marine stationed in Lejeune. Don't you dare say shit that you can't back up.

Well maybe you shouldn't of left the kitchen. That's just an idea.