By mlustpdx - 04/09/2014 17:47 - United States - Clackamas

Today, my cat decided to use my bowl of rice krispies as his litter box. FML
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mlustpdx tells us more.

true. and the reason why is my son decided to block the opening to the litter box and the cereal looked like his litter. can't get made about that


Now I wonder if OP found this out when they decided to have a bowl of cereal. The horror of shit going into their bowl instead of Rice Krispies.

I think this needs a follow up. We need to know what the point was when this was discovered.

I would assume it was pretty recent..or OP would have smelled it before pouring it into the bowl. I'm thinking OP poured themselves a nice bowl of cereal and then had to answer the door or leave the room for a short period of time. The cat presumably either was jealous that OP had such variety in food or was kindly leaving a reminder that the litter box was full. I'm more curious as to how the cat could use a bowl of cereal as a litter box if there is milk in it.

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OP specifies bowl and may have gone to get the milk from the fridge after pouring the cereal. My son uses a huge bowl for cereal that kittens and small cats could use as a litter box.

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Don't gotta be so cynical about it OP, jeez. Who shit in your cornflakes this morning?

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Guess you have an answer when someone asks, "Who shit in your Cheerios this morning?" Or in your case, Rice Krispies!

I thought the saying went "Who pissed in your cornflakes?"

It's easier to clean up compared to the floor..

At least you knew it was poop and didn't eat it. And at least it wasn't the nesquik chocolate cereal, then you wouldn't know if it was poop or not

ColonelCusswords 24

im pretty sure the smell and texture would inform you before things got nasty

Please tell me you didn't eat your cereal to find that out....

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It's much better than having to clean it off the floor or off the couch or bed sheets. I hope you didn't realize that after eating the first spoonful.