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  mwali02  |  32

Agreed! Don't let a negative self image get in the way! You may make a new best friend, which means more fun for everyone! The new girl probably just wants to fit in, too. :)

  dcam13  |  19

sorry, that's definitely a dick move. it's pretty easily explainable tho.
guys are almost exclusively friends/hang out with girls we either want to or just would sleep with. it may be disgusting/weird to some but it's just a fact (YouTube "why men and women cant be friends").
we involuntarily tend to think about sex a lot more than women.
so I'm assuming you're not very close with these guys if they instantly ditched you for the new girl (still a dick move). and i still definitely feel for you but, every straight guy, myself included, would be lying if said that wasn't at least generally the case. and luckily once her "new girl" phase ends you'll have your nice (but probably kinda shallow) guy friends back.

  Aimeejasmine  |  15

Who would want them back as friends? And by the way I seriously think you underestimate how much girls think about sex too, only thing is we're taught to be ashamed on being vocal about it, or else we'd be called a whore or some misogynistic slur. Those guys could not have made it clearer how they see women, if they're going to treat a friend that way how do they treat strangers.

  Rawrshi  |  25

Okay, but why is wanting attention a bad thing? We all want attention so why do we pretend we don't or discourage others from seeking it?

... is it a plot so that the people discouraging it can get more for themselves?

  Rawrshi  |  25

Key word being most, 70. Paying attention isn't just looking or talking to you directly though. Paying attention when you talk instead of pretending you aren't there, not just running into you when their walking path goes through you, if you hurt yourself or choke - helping you, the list goes on. Basically anything that isn't flat out ignoring your existence regardless of the situation. Those are all acts of attention. Denying that you want or need those isn't being honest.

  mds9986  |  24

I think OPs point is that all her coworkers are shallow douchebags who stopped being friends with her because the new girl is prettier. Maybe those aren't the people OP wants to be friends with anyway.

  ohSNAPyall  |  26

This is a great idea. And I'll bet the guys would still want to be your friend too. At the moment, they're just stepping all over each other trying to get a date with the new girl.