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Today, I twisted my ankle during a round of golf, after trying to do a fancy jumping high five. FML
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Fancy jumping high fives make anything intense.


Fancy jumping high fives make anything intense.

I take it you have never played golf it can get pretty intense

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35 is right. Golf wears you down fast as shit. And you can't say that it's not intense if you've never played a round. I challenge you all to go to your local course and play 9 holes without breaking a sweat. Also bonus points to the person who doesn't get yelled at by the old fart behind them on the course.

Don't worry, I wont break a single sweat. Because it's not at all sweat inducing. Unless it's hot or there is a blazing sun above you, of course you'll sweat.

I've been playing golf for 11 years and have worked at a course for nine. From all of my experiences doing both, you're going to sweat. Unless of course you take a golf cart. I dare anyone saying it's not intense to WALK a full 18 hole round and tell me you didn't sweat or aren't at least a little tired... Walking while playing golf is one of the best core workouts a person can get. Especially when you carry your bag.

Just because you break a sweat doesn't mean it's hardcore or anything. Nothing against golf, but it's not like you have to exert yourself or anything.

Every swing is exerting yourself because you are using energy to move your muscles. Maybe just not a lot of exertion ;)

Golf is a great workout. Mentally and physically.

I honestly believe that golf shouldn't be considered as a sport unless the 'player' is walking their course while playing. It does challenge you mentally, yeah, but it's not as physically taxing as other sports when you're in a golf cart. But this is coming from a horseback rider (which, by the way, is actually incredibly physically and mentally taxing, especially if you don't condition yourself with other exercises. At least with the discipline that I practice.) so I suppose my opinion could be considered illegitimate.

I tripped and sprained my ankle one time while playing golf its not really that dangerous though, duh.

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Lol nice pun #50. Everyone seems to be using it these days though :D

It's a great game, it just gets a bad rap for being boring. Try the Tour de France. I bet there is nothing more demanding than that.

#35,#51, #66 - really? Golf is Intense? Damn, i bet you all faint watching a chess game. And yes, I play golf. I just did 18 holes, no sweat, not tired. Its a RELAXING/GENTLEMENS sport. NOT intense.

You must be one hell of an athlete. I get tired out more from golfing than I did from running track and playing basketball in school. I guess I must be doing it wrong since no one else gets tired from walking 18 holes...

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Maybe you should've just done a regular high five.

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Lol, I've done worse but that's still funny. Ydi, cause golf isn't intense enough for more than a basic high five.

aghhh! your eyes! im sorry, but whats wrong with them?

I think it's just a LOT of eyeliner...

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her face is badly airbrushed, too. It's photoshop.

She used the 'burn' feature on photoshop on her eyes. Way too heavily.

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Come on guys she Is definitely a vampire. I bet she sparkles

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^ Cause they couldn't say it wasn't after accepting that fishing is, which involves sleeping in a boat with a beer in your hand. ;D

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Ever hear of tiger woods?? No?? Get a clue then and research the history of it... One of the oldest sports in the country and anyone can play.

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I love nothing more than getting people mad :)

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26- You say that like Tiger Woods automatically makes it a sport. Sooo is being a manwhore a sport, too?

He was one of the greatest golfers in history... not one of the greatest man ******. Don't compare apples and oranges.

*36 No, not yet. Its a hobby and if enough people do it then it will be a sport. Just like golf, and anyone can do it.

31- Oooooo!! I can't believe I got trolled so easily! I knew the question was too simple! Bleh! ;) Well played, Sir. ;P

I can imagine this happening in cartoon form. Thanks for the comedic imagery!

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I bet he was teed off *bada dum tsssssh*

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Maybe you should have practiced the "fancy jumping high five" before executing it on the golf course.

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Golf clap! haven't you ever heard of the golf clap?!

People don't usually, or shouldnt usually, have that much time on their hands 6

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Did you get a hole in one? I hope it was worth it op :P