Grab the balls by the horn, dude

By Anonymous - 09/09/2019 18:00

Today, the only girl I've ever had eyes for said she can't find any good single men, all while sitting next to me. FML
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Maybe she expected you to say you love her.

Then maybe she should stop playing games and actually speak her mind. So should OP.

That only works in the movies. It would probably creep her out. Best course of action is just to ask her out on a date. Millions of men through the ages have grown balls and have done just that, and for many of them it worked. Go figure!!

She did say "good" along with it. Romance goes both ways man, can't get what you don't ask for.

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have you made your feelings clear?

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Got 3 possibilities here, she doesn’t know your single, she does know you’re single and isn’t into you, or she’s giving you a major hint to make a move. Ball is in your court now.

You missed another possibility -- she doesn't know he's a man!