By notmysistersbf - 20/04/2015 02:39 - Canada - Summerland

Today, my mom called my workplace and told my boss to make sure I wear a hat so I didn't get heatstroke like I did on my last shift. I'm 25. FML
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At least it's nice to know she's looking out for ya!

At least you know you have someone in your life you know cares, and know you know your boss won't let you get heatstroke again for sure. Get ready for some teasing coming your way op.


At least it's nice to know she's looking out for ya!

Easy sometimes in the summer where I live it gets up to 30 degrees celsius about 86 degrees Fahrenheit

Moms: unintentionally embarrassing their children since the dawn of time!

Ahh helicopter parents.. I know the feeling OP.

86 is not that hot to pass out from heat stroke

It can be with enough physical exertion.

It can actually get to +40C where I am in Canada. Not to mention we have crazy humidity that make you feel like you can't breathe. We once had a guy from Africa come stay with us for a week in the summer and he said he was dying and couldn't handle how "hot" our summers were. No joke. He couldn't wait to get back home. The humidity here makes everything so much worse. Our weather is so weird, we can go from -40C in the winters to +40C in the summers. Not fun!

Well, at least she's trying to help, but calling your boss to do that was a little bit of a line cross. Anyways, I'd just talk to her about it, OP, no worries.

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exactly I have tried talking to her telling her I understand why she did it but how she did it was inappropriate and she doesn't understand or see why im upset with her for doing it and I've tried telling her but I'm at the point of why waste my breath right now

Just phone her boss and tell her boss that your mum gets dehydrated quickly and to keep an eye out

Hey what are you gonna do? All parents can get a little crazy when it comes to their kids :)

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She's just concerned. I wouldn't complain about it too much.

Be more responsible and she would not have to call.

If he's never had it before it might not have occurred to him at the time. I'm sure now he is aware of the problem he will take the appropriate action. This doesn't mean he isn't responsible. At any job you need to be aware of the problem to take any action. To be called irresponsible because you are unaware of a problem is ridiculous.

Interesting point. I standby my first thoughts. Anyone with an IQ above room temperature knows that if you work in the sun all day and don't protect yourself accordingly, well, heat injuries occur. Some of which can kill. Their effects are also cumulative.

It's possible wherever OP works doesn't allow them to wear hats except in certain circumstances because the workplace has a dress code. Where I work, for instance, doesn't allow you to wear knit caps or hats unless you work outside. It would be nice if they let us wear the knit hats in winter since we can't wear jackets on the sales floor and the heaters almost always don't work properly.

Curious, does anyone know how many people have developed a heat illness from contact with sun indoors? Could be possible if you work by a window I guess. My thoughts were that people would know this. Like when you order a take away hot coffee. I don't need the lid to say caution contents hot. I know it is hot, it is a hot coffee, I just ordered it. If that makes my thoughts easier to understand.

People can get sick at different temperatures too. Not too sure about heatstroke, but I get sick after a few minutes in 85-90 degrees and have to get in air conditioner quickly.

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I am responsible she was just being a hover parent

Yeah because everyone can control a heart stroke...

It is a preventable condition. I work a lot of the time outdoors in the far northern parts of Australia. High levels of heat and at times humidity. No heat injuries here or to any member of my team. Why you may ask......because we protect ourselves against the sun and the heat it brings.

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Troll her and wear a wool hat. At least she's concerned for you, unlike a lot of moms on this site!

Good parents care about you, no matter how old you are. A lot of people would kill for a mother like yours, OP

So did you finally listen to both your mom and your boss? You could actually get fired for safety practices at work and if your subject to heatstroke there better that you start wearing your hat dude

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the first time I got heat stroke I was wearing a hat and keeping hydrated however it didn't help that I had food poisoning as well which was pushing fluids out of me as fast as I was putting them in which was fast the 2nd time my company didn't have hats with them and you are technically suppose to wear a company hat and this time since I saw the hats I asked for one pretty much as soon as I got there I am a level 3 first aider so I know what I'm suppose to do