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Today, I had to cut short my New Year's resolution of going to the gym daily, when the meathead next to me dropped some heavy weights, which bounced and landed on my foot. I'm sitting at home in a cast. FML
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Jesus **** people, it was an accident. Bad stuff happens all the time, but the reason the legal system in the US is so ****** up is frivolous lawsuits like this.


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I agree!!! Either that or he should pay your doctor bills!

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That always seems to be the greatest option we have... sue him, sue, sue. What if he has no money to give? Then what? Lots of bills and no money to pay them with. And what evidence does he have? You don't know if anyone saw it, or will stand up for him. You really need to think before you sue.

JEnglish89 1

Or the gym... With the right lawyer you'll win it every time.

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Well now you have a legit excuse for not working out. I wish I did, I'm just lazy.

Jesus **** people, it was an accident. Bad stuff happens all the time, but the reason the legal system in the US is so ****** up is frivolous lawsuits like this.

15 - I didn't want to be taken serious with that one, it's a joke... I think it's bad, how in some coutries it has become a normal income for a lawyer to sue everyone and everything. But I like the way you think ;)

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Go Doc, and thanks 21, I understand. And, I try!

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it's pretty hard to not take you seriously when you put not one, but two exclamation points. your post seemed pretty serious to me.

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Well, that is what insurance is for. What will happen is OP will file a claim with their medical insurance provider, who will ask when and where the accident happened. The insurance company will eventually choose to do the following. 1. Nothing 2. Persue (sue) the GYM to recover medical cost 3. Persue (sue) said person to recover medical cost (if enough evidence exists) 4. Raise OPs insurance premiums 5. Each of 2, 3, and 4. OP should move to Canada and use the universal health care system there.

He didn't do it on purpose. People have got to quit sueing people. Sueing him wouldn't heal op's foot. Op, sorry it happened, but it's always fun milking the sympathy you'll get.

RedPillSucks 31

You can say that about car accidents too. The same issue applies. Should OP pay for someone elses mistake? OP doesn't have to directly sue someone, but you can bet the insurance company is going to try to recover some money one way or the other.

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Most gyms have security cameras.

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15- If he is at a gym, I think he can handle his own bills.

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Ah, the American way of handling everything.

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15 - Well sometimes, obviously not ALL the time, courts will pay the judgment for people and the "loser" must pay the courts back. Probably not in cases where people are being sued, but they still do it. So hey, ya never know lol.

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53-what does being at a gym have to do with him being able to handle his own bills? Gyms aren't always expensive, especially if OP is a college student. Most university gyms are included in tuition & fees.

Such a united states thing to say sue him.. You people are ******* stupid for one the guy didn't mean to obviously shrug it off and get back to the gym after who knows maybe talk to him and he could show you how to workout better, like wow united states citizens your all so ****** in the head

94- Incorrect stereotyping is incorrect?

O the American dream, freakin pathetic something bad happens and the answer is also sue the other guy for all he is wearth all over a freak accident

Hell, it's the U.S. Go for the jackpot and sue the company that makes the weights!

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72- sorry I live in a town that only has one gym and it is pretty expensive.. I was unaware of colleges offering gym memberships. The only college is Central Ohio Technical College.. Not very big

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you should do leg rises, and wiggle your toes. get some meat on those toes.

or do core and upper excersizes. dont need your feed.

Yeah start rowing it's a real cardio workout ad it will give you AMAZING upper body strength stick to it! Don't give up.

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Flockz I imagined the dog from your pic giving the advice with your comment.

How careless of him, so sorry, OP.): Sometimes it's safer excersizing at home :D

I was thinking of that drake and josh episode when I read this and then your pic comes up -_-

Go after you heal. You had to take a "break" is what you meant to say :)

Well, you would have quit anyway. Everyone quits their New Year's resolution.

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Not everyone does! I know quite a few people who stick to their New Year's Resolutions!

Yea well most of the new years resolutions to get fit and start going to the gym fail miserably after 2 weeks

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I had the same resolution last year. Slipped and broke my ankle in the parking lot on the first day. Sucks because gyms are usually protected from equipment caused accidents. It will be in your membership info. They said that to me. Even though a neglected parking lot isn't equipment.

Why are people disliking this? It's so true.

People don't like it when someone shows then the truth. That's why people who point out facts are always hated on.

You could still lift some weights at home!

That's very true. Plus lifting weights burns fat as well. You can do sit ups and push ups on your knees.

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i love how alll the FMLs this year have been attempts at weight loss resolutions going to shit!

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Jacking off 5 times a day could prove to be an effective exercise.

18 also mentioned masturbating "5" times a day. That must be the magic number.

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my balls would shrivel up if i did that. 4 a day is plenty for me.

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Now you have a new goal... To watch tv 24/7

Well, you'll be able to go back after your foot heals :P and know not to exercise near that meathead haha

That meathead douche broke one of the commandments of the gym. Obviously if you're strong enough to lift the weights in the first place, you're strong enough to put them back on the floor without dropping them. I know we're a very litigious society, but I really think you'd have a case worth fighting. Asshole needs to be held accountable for his actions. Who knows - you might not be the first person he's done it to, and may not be the last.

Who says he didn't put them back?? After lifting a few reps your hands are feeling pretty brutal. When I'm doing deadlifts almost every time I have to drop it a little bit at the end cause I lose my grip, but obviously I look around before I do. Still doesn't excuse those idiots that just like to make some noise to show they're lifting a bit heavier than everyone else. Guy needs to look around before he drops it.

People who say shit like this probably have never been to a gym maybe he had sweaty hands or maybe he missed the weight rack by a little im sure he didnt do it purpose and if op saw him drop it and bounce he probably should have tried to move unless he was currently lifting then sucks for him but still

95- You shouldn't be dropping weights from high enough that they bounce, you can damage the weights or the mat you're working out on and, as shown in the post, hurt others in the process. I can understand if it slips out, but some people just throw weights down after cleans or dumbbell workouts at the gym I go to and it is very annoying and obnoxious.

11, It didn't specify whether he dropped them deliberately or accidentally. Plenty of people use a poor grip and just drop their shit all the time. The best idea is to not be close to somebody when they're lifting anyway. If they hurt themselves they aren't going to quietly and gently place the weights on the ground before reacting, so if accidents happen you don't want to be sitting under a 50kg plate.

Shit happens buddy, watch your Surroundings, never workout too closely to others.

123, You've stereotyped those groups yourself. You've got experience from a single gym and therefore claim to have universal knowledge over different types of people. You also don't know that this guy didn't happen to be one of those asshat bodybuilders you yourself say exist, so why even bitch about it? I happen to have been to both types of gyms myself and know what you're saying is total crap. Exercising to failure doesn't mean losing control. Having several local and national bodybuilding champions at my gym, I'd say I see them dropping the weights far less than I did at the "douchey health club". Perhaps you just fail to differentiate because heavier weights make a greater noise when they hit the ground...

Muscle failure occurs on the muscles being worked. If you are doing presses for instance you will fail on the shoulders or chest, not your forearms. The forearms control the hands. The hands hold the weight. The forearm therefore can control the landing, which is not the same as dropping. Unless youre specifically working the forearm, or doing an exercise that incorporates it I don't see how you can lose total control and drop the weight. When I see people crushed on the bench press theyre still holding the bar, they just aren't lifting it. Case and point.

So much rage! (the comments above mine). Weights for the win, I love that sore, tired feeling after a good weights sesh

Well hope you can find something to use as weights at home. And hope you heal up fast :)