By Tony - 09/03/2009 21:02 - United States

Today, I was talking to my mom about who I wanted to ask to prom. I told her the names of the girls I was thinking of asking and she replied, "They'll say no, but you can always go with one of your cousins." FML
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Is it just me, or is there a lot of moms on FML who should have had their kids taken away from them by social services a long time ago?

Don't listen to your Mom. There's plenty of girls to ask for prom. ;)

A family that F's together stays together.

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aww thats so sad. ask people until they say yes! it seems quite awkward to go with a couuisn.

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i'm sure you'll find someone. a junior, at least. a sophomore and even a freshman would be willing to go with the geekiest senior. no offense. but cheer up. you'll find a date somehow. =]

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awww you should get a really hot date and show your mom off!

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dang she could have at least offered a friend of the family

#8, I hope you didn't mean to word it that way....