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Today, my "best friend" invited me to drink with her and a couple other friends. She told me to "just bring a few bucks for beer". When I got there, no one else had brought money, including her. They only invited me because I'm the only one with a job. FML
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And that's when I buy a drink for myself and look at them and go, "Oh, I only brought enough money to spend on me. You said bring a couple bucks, I figured we were all buying our own stuff." and proceed to drink it in their faces.

**** her!! If you have a job and she doesn't you're obviously better than that bitch


**** her!! If you have a job and she doesn't you're obviously better than that bitch

oh yeah, and just to annoy them, leave a huge tip if you have the money on you. like, enough money that would pay for their drinks if you left no tip. just tell them that it's their problem they don't have the money. i'm assuming you found this out after you all drank

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I wouldn't buy one drink for anyone.

Yeah, if she didn't just tell them to **** off then something is wrong with this person.

well she's obviously not your best friend if she's using you for your money.

Agreed. Well, looks like you're the only one drinkin' then! Suckers...

Agreed ^^^ after findin out none of them had money I wouldve went "oh that's a shame. Looks like I'll be the only one having a drink then!" and bought a drink for myself. Those "friends" are selfish as.

YDI for having a job. No just kidding. That sucks.

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I can't tell if you're a troll or a 13-year-old girl who can only have alcohol if it's a half shot of vodka in a whole can of sprite. Either way it's pretty sad.

Nah, I'm just an individual who believes alcohol consumption is plain idiotic and I have a deep hatred of it. I added the "seriously" to make it not look like a troll comment, as much. If you think not wanting to drink alcohol is sad, you need help. It's sad that you think it's sad. :P

I agree with you completely! Alcohol has really screwed some of my friends' lives's sad that people think that it's needed to have fun...

You're entitled to your own opinions about alcohol, but preaching to people about it is annoying. Suggesting that its her fault because she went out intending to have a drink and a good time with some friends is just rude.

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Alcohol doesn't screw up people's lives - your friends screwed up their own lives - they just happened to do it by being completely irresponsible and drowning themselves in alcohol.

wow. you're sad no matter what you think. alcohol is great for socializing and having fun. also drinkig alcohol doesn't mean you have to get hammered and not being in control of yourself

Tell em to **** off and buy yourself one

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some friend she is! that's when you pay for you drink and leave the others hanging

Well they are girls and girls always do this kind of stuff to eachother

not always I've had guy friends try the same thing

You should buy yourself a drink, say **** you, and leave. FYL.