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  DFlit1  |  0

Well sorry I automatically assumed nervous, bad, and other negative aspects of drivers are female. Call it sexist but it is kinda true statistically speaking

By  LegalyWhite  |  7

Well maybe the person that hit you was a very small old lady in a pickup truck and dint see you. Gotta watch out for those crazy old people they are everywhere

  rallets  |  22

grammar nazi fail #11

you forgot "capital S and period at the end"
thats just unacceptable

/grammar nazi fail

also, Dog Bless America

By  s0m3guy2010  |  21

This actually happened to me before, and I got more insurance money than what I paid for my car at the time since neither accident was my fault. It may not help your confidence, but maybe some good will come out of it.

By  Perksofbeingawal  |  0

I drove a piece of junk car, in the middle east, where it's all mountains, when I was 15... But for some reason, now I'm more scared driving in Canada where the roads are perfectly flat. It's weird

  TonyIsMyDog  |  2

I hate Canadian pigs - I had my car towed and license taken away just for speeding... Granted, I was doing 152 in a 100, but still - I would've just gotten a steep fine in the states. (Km/h - not mph)