By Anonymous - 10/12/2011 00:23 - United States

Today, I was feeling super nervous about driving because I had my first accident the day before. As I stopped at a red light, I got rear-ended. FML
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kalejaxson 5

Yesterday, some car slammed into me. Today, I got my revenge. FYL.


builditbetter09 3

Unless she is extremely stretched I find surprise butt sex hard to pull off.

Well she was relaxed before the surprise

hubla 0

Op is a guy I thought unless he became a she in the accident

Well sorry I automatically assumed nervous, bad, and other negative aspects of drivers are female. Call it sexist but it is kinda true statistically speaking

hubla 0

Haha my drivers Ed teacher taught me this when you ass/u/me/ it makes an ass out of you and me

imsoboss91 5

At least it wasnt your fault? :P

LegalyWhite 7

Dam hate when i post comments at the same time and dont have enough time to edit them

LegalyWhite 7

Well at least its not your fault

thatKidzmOm 10
LegalyWhite 7

Well maybe the person that hit you was a very small old lady in a pickup truck and dint see you. Gotta watch out for those crazy old people they are everywhere

South Park has taught us what happens when we take licenses away from the elderly. Let them rear-end us.

armywife0609 4

sometimes when your to paranoid about something that your trying to avoid that's when it happens

bobbycorwen 5

You're* Twice is just unacceptable. And too*

Lol. Yes. May you be blessed by the Almighty Dog.

There's no need to fear, Underdog is here.

16- I agree with your message up until dog. The rest is good.

rallets 22

grammar nazi fail #11 you forgot "capital S and period at the end" thats just unacceptable /grammar nazi fail also, Dog Bless America

bobbycorwen 5

Then you should have noted the comma after avoid.

rallets 22

no, YOU should have. you were the one trying to be grammar nazi

kalejaxson 5

Yesterday, some car slammed into me. Today, I got my revenge. FYL.

This actually happened to me before, and I got more insurance money than what I paid for my car at the time since neither accident was my fault. It may not help your confidence, but maybe some good will come out of it.

I drove a piece of junk car, in the middle east, where it's all mountains, when I was 15... But for some reason, now I'm more scared driving in Canada where the roads are perfectly flat. It's weird

Hope that made sense ^ LOL. It's like 2 am, and I'm dead tired.

TonyIsMyDog 2

I hate Canadian pigs - I had my car towed and license taken away just for speeding... Granted, I was doing 152 in a 100, but still - I would've just gotten a steep fine in the states. (Km/h - not mph)

50km over is considered street racing up here but u should've been able to fight 152 in court

that's Bc the middle east doesn't have Asians JK Jk. it's our winter. :((((