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  wikkedphuka  |  0

its simple he did it on purpose!!! didnt u got dammit oh gawd!!! *sobs dramaticlly* i dont understand how u ddnt see it?? lol u ride ur bike that fast? u go 70mp on ur bike? u ddnt see it lmao damn great job lance armstrong lol

  monzach  |  5

Here's my translation: It is obvious he did it on purpose, didn't you OP? *cries over-emotionally* I don't comprehend how you didn't see it! Haha, you ride your bike fast? You go 70mph I presume? You were not able to see it, haha, that was some fine biking person who is synonymous with Lance Armstrong. Haha, funny.


It's actually very possible. I once ran over a mouse with my bike. I was so upset and felt so guilty. Don't accuse OP of purposely ending the life of a creature. Accidents happen.

  krazyvato  |  0

3 you are not smarter squirrel was dead
and 2 squirrels not speak English jajaja but i heard lil Wayne has the only singing squirrel so chances are slim cus lil Wayne would be furius

  OCDC  |  9

"An FML a day keeps the idiots away." -Joseph Stalin

*Please note that this quote has little or no relevance to modern-day society. See previous comments for further explanation as to why there are still idiots on FML.