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Today, I ran over a chipmunk. On my bike. Its mangled carcass got caught in the spokes and decided to join me on my ride. FML
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Great. You killed Theodore. And I was really looking forward to a third movie...

At least it didn't start singing. That would have been awkward.


Great. You killed Theodore. And I was really looking forward to a third movie...

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This comment just made my day. :)

I don't understand how it is possible to ride over a chipmunk while on a bike, it sounds like you did it intentionally.

that's a win:) I think we just saw the trailer

I just imagined that it happened like in a ep of Happy Tree Friends

mtndew32 is now my favorite fml commenter! your comments make my day!

chipmunks are real??? wooow I'm Gona train my to sing :)

the wording in this Fml just makes it so much funnier. :)

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haha its the mtn dew that makes him a great commenter

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lol, like "mangled carcass" It makes me think of a mummy with a backwards head.

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Wow man i cant breathe i was laughing so hard

I'm commenting from the future where a fourth movie has been released. For the love of yourselves and don't go and see it.

How could you not see it was there or if it sundenly jumped out you could of swerved out the way...

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its simple he did it on purpose!!! didnt u got dammit oh gawd!!! *sobs dramaticlly* i dont understand how u ddnt see it?? lol u ride ur bike that fast? u go 70mp on ur bike? u ddnt see it lmao damn great job lance armstrong lol

Am I the only one who didn't understand a word 70 said?

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that's because it's a joke...

Here's my translation: It is obvious he did it on purpose, didn't you OP? *cries over-emotionally* I don't comprehend how you didn't see it! Haha, you ride your bike fast? You go 70mph I presume? You were not able to see it, haha, that was some fine biking person who is synonymous with Lance Armstrong. Haha, funny.

It's actually very possible. I once ran over a mouse with my bike. I was so upset and felt so guilty. Don't accuse OP of purposely ending the life of a creature. Accidents happen.

At least it didn't start singing. That would have been awkward.

Always look on the bright side of life~ *SQUISH*

"I want to ride my bicyc---" *crunch*. ..It got what it wanted. :P

Christmas, Christmas time is here, time for- *splaaaat!*

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3 you are not smarter squirrel was dead and 2 squirrels not speak English jajaja but i heard lil Wayne has the only singing squirrel so chances are slim cus lil Wayne would be furius

Stop the massacre! *bawls* we don't deserve this treatment!

I agree your life sucks today - but it will be better tomorrow. I'm just sorry we can't say the same for the chipmunk.

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"When life sucks ****, make lemonade and drink it because it will taste good and quench your thirst." — Benjamin Franklin

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"Abraham Lincoln didn't have internet in his day" - common sense.

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Neither did Benjamin Franklin.

The sense of humour of man has been lost through the ages -Winston Churchill

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"Alvin? Alvin? ALVIN!!!!!!" -Alvin's family


"An FML a day keeps the idiots away." -Joseph Stalin *Please note that this quote has little or no relevance to modern-day society. See previous comments for further explanation as to why there are still idiots on FML.

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Wonder how you're going to get the carcass out of the spokes...

Poke it with a stick. If he is in a place with chipmunks running around theres gotta be some sticks too.

Unless it was the elusive desert chipmunk.

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^I bet my above comment will get many more thumbs down.

you DO know that your above comment provokes people to thumb down your original comment, right? or are you intellectually challenged?

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^This comment will get many more thumbs down!