By motherdearest - 21/03/2009 23:18 - United States

Today, I went to the mall with my mom. We were in American Eagle shopping for spring clothes, when a few good looking guys walked by and whistled at me. I smiled at them. They were checking out my mom, not me. FML
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Pics? I mean of your mom.

i bet your beautiful


Ahhem 0

Maybe one day...

hahaha yea just imagine you'll look like her when your older. ydi for shopping at American eagal

how can she possibly deserve it for shopping there. thts a bit stereotypical

both of u are dirty pirate hookers

that sucks OP but you deserve better :) someday you'll find someone who will treat you right

Is your mom a milf? Probably so. Anyway, how is this a FML? If anything, you should be glad because when you're your mom's age, you're going to be getting the cat calls and whistles.

haha milf milf milf american pie is awsome

Been there... All the time. God, I'm so ugly. >_

i bet your beautiful

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Give it a couple of years. Don't worry.

Pics? I mean of your mom.

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I don't believe you. Who wistles anymore?

that's so annoying. it always happens to me when im with my mom somewhere

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You're not old enough to shop for clothes alone + you shop at American Eagle = you deserved it. On the bright side, you might look like her when you get older.

what's wrong with American eagle? I shop there all the time... and my mom comes just to foot the bill, so I'd prefer if my mom came! saves me some big $$$$$

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I clicked 'you deserved it' the second I read you were shopping in American Eagle.

You're probably 11. Pedophiles don't generally wolf-whistle.