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By Anonymous - 11/03/2010 06:45 - United States

Today, it's the third anniversary of when I started looking for a new job. I'm still working at the job that made me want to get a new one and I haven't even had an interview for another one in almost two years. My Master's degree on the wall is looking more and more like a roll of toilet paper. FML
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In what field and where did you do your MS?

revel in the fact that you gave even have a job, others aren't so lucky. (not me of course, I got a career, lol)


In what field and where did you do your MS?

I feel your pain op! that sucks a lot! I'm in the same boat...

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probably one at a county collage

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I feel your pain. . . nit really but fyl for that

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Hey, Tarynkd, please go easy on mattthew, he's probably not far off the mark! I am imagining that the OP got his degree from a wall of pictures of tractors, cornfields and prize heifers.

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@5- If you mean community college, it probably is a roll of toilet paper.

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ur an idiot sucks for you

I might be mistaken, but I was not under the impression that you could get a *masters* degree from a community college...

OPnever mentioned community college. and there is only a few subjects that a community college would offer to give BA's so I don't think it is possible for op to get a masters there. Also, community college diplomas are not printed on toilet paper. They are really good degrees, and most people who go to universities when they have to transfer to a community college they just can't hack it.

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you don't need to make fun of him cause of where he lives; I'm guessing your from the south... and up in the north really isn't how you down south think or say it is. immature much? grow up

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Master in general education ftw.. not really jaykay

actually, Wisconsin sucks as much as you think it does. I live in Wisconsin. it is shit. and ydi for not getting off your ass and finding a job you like, no one is making you stay.

103 ur retarded.... the economoy sucks, how the **** is he suppose to find a job when there rarely and left.

iz worse in ohio

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that's what you get for thinking a degree IS your future. apply yourself u lazy bastard

haha country collage. it's a picture masterpiece on my fridge!

@5 undereducation fail, or win (for those of you who are optomists)

Ironically more people are getting jobs in related feilds from technical colleges than 4 year universities. My 4 year degree in microbiology got me a job then the economy went to shit and I got a job that requires no degree and started at 10k more a year. People just want you to have that peice of paper so they can say that they have highly qualified individuals. Many jobs you get have nothing at all to do with that peice of paper.

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YDI for getting a master's degree in a shitty subject/field, you fuckstick.

The job market in Wisconsin sucks, but the education doesn't. If you want to talk about states with crappy educations, look at Florida and North Carolina. I breezed through K-12 in Florida and took some college courses in NC, but nothing prepared me for UW Colleges. I'm only going for my AAS right now and taking 3 classes at a time and they are kicking my butt. The Midwest has excellent school systems.

I'm in the same boat too.

I feel your pain, I have BA on psychology and MA in sociology, I was wasted last year and mad, deppressed at the current Economy and i shredded my degree and smoked it in my bong....along with sone really kick ass BC Bud!!!

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It really depends on what you major in. If you major in psychology, good luck getting a job lol.

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this. good luck getting educated in something useful in another life

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That's what I was thinking. OP probably has a masters in art, philosophy, history, or something else that the job market is nonexistant for.

Speaking of toilet paper, my friend once was sitting in his living room when a Charmin bus burst through his wall and ran over his leg. He kinda deserved it- he thought twilight was well written.

@36 yes, your friend does deserve that. thank you for that great story:) I will tell it to many people today. hey, I wonder if Snickersdoodles bought the book Twilight to edit it. I know I would have, but I think it's a waste of money to spend on that crap.

Blame the economy. good luck brother

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So because you have a masters degree you think that you are automatically better than everyone else looking for employment? Because correct me if I'm wrong, but we've just come out of an international recession, and times are still hard for people, and it is still difficult to get a job for everyone. So don't be so damn ungrateful, and feel lucky that you have a job.

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Wow... so presumptuous. And having a Masters degree makes her more appealing for people who are hiring workers, so it should be easier.

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just because they have a masters degree, doesn't mean that he's the right kind of person for the job. He could be an ass for all we know. There are a lot of people in the same situation, but without a job. He should count himself lucky.

correct me if I'm wrong but I believe were still in a recession. it's just not as bad.

it doesnt matter if ur an ass! if u get the job done and u get it done good is all that matters. and a masters does make him better than evryone without one. or, better edjucated in his feild of study at least

Having a Master's degree does not automatically make you more appealing to an employer. It may even make you less attractive, as they assume that you will want/need a higher salary. And depending on what field your Master's degree was in and where it came from, employers may not even care about it.

@ipts "edjucated" Did you spell it like that on purpose? It's making me cringe..

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@82 "Today, I was reading funny stories on FML about random people I don't know getting ******. And then, I noticed someone has written 'edjucation' in their post. I am a grammar nazi and it made me die a little bit inside. FML"

Yes, yes it did.

corambis said what I was going to: Some companies may look him over because he has a Master's and would probably expect a higher salary. I don't know what his Master's is in, but if you find someone in the same field, with the same amount of work experience, you might be more inclined to hire the one without the Master's so you don't have to pay as much for the same work. In some fields, work experience is far more important than a Master's degree. Again, I have no idea what field he is in, but the only advice I can give is, keep yourself out there. Put your resume anywhere you can. Just by having my resume out on Monster and on the website for the organization that basically runs my field, I get calls or emails at least once a week. Just keep trying :)

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#18 is right I just graduated with a BA in Accounting I am still looking for a job. Accounting is good right?? well why don't I have a job because I have no experince so there is other factors not just cuz u have a masters you are the best at the job. plus she has a job! she is lucky!!!

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correction he**

@#7: Anyone would be unhappy if they invested lots of time and money in pursuit of an education because they desire a career in a field that requires it, and then failed to get a job in that field. Yes, I know that the recession is hitting hard on many people, degree or no degree, and that this FML is not very original. But these are not reasons to start making character assumptions about the OP (insinuating that he is arrogant and calling him "damn ungrateful"). What did he ever do to you?

I have an MA in Psychology, which actually put off a lot of prospective employers. Paranoid much? Anyway, on my last job search I left it off my resume and found a job right away. Worked for me, but may nit for everyone.

um were not out of the recession yet. the only country that is actualy out of it would ne china of australia and even they arnt actualy out of it. unemployment is still increasing.

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I love burgers!!!! hahahahha mmmmm

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I think you just aren't looking in the right place... If my brother-in-law can get a job with a GED, you should be able to.

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Not necessarily in the field that he/she has the degree in.

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Another note: Just because you have a degree, doesn't mean that you are the right type of person for a job, you can be incredibly intelligent and really well qualified, doesn't mean you're not a complete arse.

first of all it is in fact Harder to get a job with a masters right now because there are too many recent grads with the same skill levels and fields. so stop being such a bitch. the only reason the op got their ma was to get a better job so yeah fck their life because of all the wasted money!

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I'm in the middle of getting a degree, I'm not being a bitch because I know it's harder, people know this, so stop whining and be grateful that they have a job. When the economy calms down, and employment is more readily available, the OP will be able to get a job to match their own skill set, it's just not as freely available now. Everyone knows that.

it's funny how every one of your arguement require the assumption that this guy is an ass. that says a lot about u

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one: it's you, not u. How much effort does it take to type 2 extra letters? And it's not an assumption, it's a possibility, none of us know the whole story. It all depends on the degree he has, his attitude, his work ethic, his presentation and such.

Forget the fact that he might be an ass... if he has a masters but no work experience for the job he's applying for that'll hurt his chances as well. Just assuming a piece of paper will get you in is a joke..

27 you are surprisingly stupid. the picture is Groucho Marx.

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Oh man, that is EXACTLY what I was trying to say! Youp put it better than I did :)

your not supposed to hang toilet paper in the wall

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But it makes such nice decoration. My neighbors did their entire house in it. :p

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But when it has words on it, why not?

revel in the fact that you gave even have a job, others aren't so lucky. (not me of course, I got a career, lol)

er, my iPhone is an idiot. I meant to say "revel in the fact that you even have a job.." ...etc.

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