By ramble ramble - / Thursday 30 January 2014 20:55 / United States - Monroe
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  AKGirlinSD  |  45

Is it just me or does this FML seem as if it is a comedy movie scene? I hope you're okay OP. I'm guessing the biker, who ran into you, is in worse condition than you (rightfully so).

  Sports_guy3  |  35

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  SaintJupiter  |  35

As a biker, I hate people like you who can't tell the difference between asshole riders and the riders who are considerate and kind. Give us a chance and we may surprise you.

  airhead2015  |  35

#37 Right on! I'm pretty sure OP was walking in the middle of the trail though, and I'd say it's pretty hard for 2 bikers to avoid someone that's right in the middle of a trail.

  airhead2015  |  34

Yeah... just like there are amaetur drivers. They don't exactly know what they're doing, like where they're supposed to be on the trail/road or the distance apart from each other is recommended.

By  hallix  |  25

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