By riddick0846 - 12/12/2010 07:29 - United States

Today, I accidentally ran over a squirrel on the road. I was late for work so I didn't stop. Later, someone keyed the word PETA into the side of my car. FML
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What were you supposed to do? Have a funeral?

Stupid PETA. Were they expecting you to give it a funeral?


rallets 22

damn that dude keying cars is on a rampage

Pussy Environmentalists Tickling & Assmunching, I believe. Something along those lines.

rallets 22

PETA: Purple Ever-green Trees Association. :)

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Pissed Eunichs Tryingtaget Ass.

cradle6 13

Just because a couple people wanted to know, it really means: "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals"

RedPillSucks 31

Yeah, go move it to the side of the road so it can bite your hand, die, and give you rabies.

funny, PETA actually kills lots of animals every year. I didnt believe it at first, but they even admit to it. horrible.

PETA=People Engaging in Terrorist Activities

kingsgirl99 6

Aww I always feel bad for squirrels...

#193 I read an article about that and it made me completely sad. two Peta workers are in trouble for dumping dead dogs and puppies in dumpster and had more in trash bags in the back of their van T-T.

Stopping suddenly is a safety hazard to other drivers behind you, and is generally not recommended.

If you already killed the squirrel, what good would stopping do?

Clearly he should have given the squirel CPR because that's what any decent person would have done. but not really though that would be gross and he would risk getting squaids.

What were you supposed to do? Have a funeral?

i know right? You see roadkill everywhere.. no one stops for a dang possum.

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And little squirreley will be loved by everyone. *sniffles* AMEN

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No. A squirrel survived being driven over by a car.

just it's leg or back end could have gotten run over, possibly surviving...

that_guy_ollie 0

wouldn't that be worse? Having a half flat squirell draggibg itself across the road ?

thrAsHeRr9081 16

219 I'm going to hell for laughing at that

I've actually witnessed a squirrel get hit and the top part of his skull was taken off and he just had a series of seizures flopped around abit then's pretty sad but they are everywhere so they're not going extinct anytime soon..

Stupid PETA. Were they expecting you to give it a funeral?

The_Big_Mac 7

that's not an issue. The op did not say he went out of his way to run it over or was carrying some form of firearm wounding and killing them and not finding them and making sure the deed was done and that the kill didn't go to waste, he simply hit the damn thing because it crossed the road at an unfortunate time, so NO, that an issue, it falls under the category of shit happens so get over it. Now that I've posted my rude and uncalled for ranting comment for the day, let's move on...

FYLDeep 25

I see no issue with accidentally killing a squirrel. It wasn't like he was throwing puppies in a river.

But what if he killed the squirrel on his way to throw some puppies in a river? And what if the river wasn't a river, but lava? And what if the puppies were kittens? Hmm?

like the PETA freak would gave enjoyed you slamming into their car and injuring them in an attempt to save another living breathing rodent. that sucks

FYLDeep 25

I'm pretty sure you know that Freeze is just throwing out an example of how pointless it would be to pull over. The animal is either going to be dead (very likely) or injured and dying (not very likely). There's nothing that can be done for it. All you would be doing is wasting your time. I think you're trying to overanalyze his comment here. The only issue that ever existed was the issue this PETA douche-bag had.

It's funny that you're criticizing the basic comprehension of others.

ZeeBest86 6

lmao @ 63's comment...and I'm guessing PETA is some sort of animal rights group...but am I the only one to see the irony in a rights/ethics believer to be the one to stalk and key the car of someone who accidentally drove over a rodent?

FYLDeep 25

To me, it just sounds like more radical behavior from a group well known for trying to be controversial rather than actually protecting animals like they say they are. I bet this guy would have been angry even if the OP stopped and did something for the animal just because he's an asshole. Some of these hardcore PETA people would rather have the OP swerve into a crowd of school children than hit a squirrel, yet they still kill more animals than they save.

who gives a shit about the squirrel? it had it coming. unless the OP is a vet, there would be no logical reason to stop. even if he was a vet it's just a damn squirrel!

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imagine if you were that squirrel. You people only say that because your human but what of you were that poor defenseless creature? ******* assholes

Nuahavizu 17

If they were poor defenseless creatures, they probably wouldn't SAY anything. you know, due to being poor defenseless creatures. also, all you peta people need to chill out. sometimes, animals get hit by cars. fact of life. and what was the OP going to do? it was a squirrel, vrs his car. not like he could get out and breathe life back into it, he surely isnt god.

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Its so true haha sometimes you just have to give it a double tap lolz I ran over the back half and backed up and nailed the front half didn't want it to die in agony

xDropsOfJupiterx 8

Not all PETA supporters are extreme like that. Most just try to help stop animal abuse and stuff like that. Im pretty sure if a PETA supporter saw you run over a squirrel, obviously by accident they wouldnt go to the extreme of keying your car.

kittykat1501 31

63 lol. Why are kittens worse than puppies? I prefer cats, but I think it is equally bad for puppies and kittens. Also I literally LOL'ed at this

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it's not like it was someones pet or something... Squirrels get ran over all the time.

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damn. you prolly should've moved it off the road but you really don't deserve a keyed car. those things come out of nowhere FYL

underyourbreath 8

While I agree with the second comment, to the first about moving the squirrel off the road I'm gonna have to say: EW! Hellz no! That's nasty. Why would it matter if she moved it off the road? It would already be dead. All she would be doing would be touching fresh road kill with her bare hands (bleck! >.

89: Oh, so what you're saying is that we should leave your dead body on the road because it's nasty? OKAY. Will do. ;)

because humans are squirrels that mindlessly run into the middle of the road? wait you may have a point :-|

It was probably the car that was tailing you, but that's just plain nuts.