By RENThead - 13/09/2015 19:02 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I was walking down a path in the woods behind my house when I saw a squirrel. It ran away, but little did I know it wasn't running from me, it was running from the dog that had forced Animal Control to sweep the area. I ended up with stitches in my leg. FML
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I've always feared being bit by a dog! sorry this has happened to you!

Speaking from experience, dog bites aren't so bad to be honest... It's that godawful liquid they wash in the wound after that I have since dubbed, "Satan's Piss, " that sucks.

I work with dogs. I can say the worst bite I've endured (mind you, I get bit at least once a month) was from a GSD. The bite isn't the bad part, as stated above. It's the bruising in my opinion

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Looks like he got a leg up on you.

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Please tell me you told the squirrel "Yeah you better run away" like they do in every single movie this kind of thing happens in

What a nasty squirrel. Did it climb up you to get away from the dog?

I'm betting the squirrel was thinking "I don't have to outrun the dog...I just have to outrun this guy."

My friend had a wild dog bite her thigh one time when she was out biking and stopped for a break... she can relate...