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  dudeitsdanny  |  9

Homophobia, more often than not isn't a phobia in the sense of extreme fear. I'm sure there are cases, just like there's cases of people fearing their own voice, but they're rarely more than hatred.

Think of the way oil is hydrophobic, while other chemicals are hydrphillic. It's more of a "disdain", to put it in more humanized terms, of homosexuality, than an actual fear.. A rejection, if you prefer.

By  bandit6  |  2

I think he'll be ok with it. he is most likely against the idea of gay guys and probably not actually even phobic which would mean he's truly afraid of homos

By  tsim_fml  |  0

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By  Dirgel  |  4

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By  Mattsta123  |  5

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  Kefka91  |  15

Yeah it's completely nonsensical. It's like they think they're gonna catch "the gay" or something.

I had a homophobic coworker once discover I'm Bi by looking through my texts w/out me knowing. He tried getting me fired on the grounds of sexual harassment, but he got the axe instead for invasion of privacy lmao.

By  Ray_of_midnight  |  22

If he shows no signs of willing to grow as a person and accept your mom, then DTMFA. You deserve better than that.

As for most of you saying "all straight guys like lesbians"...straight guys typically like the girl/girl scenes they see in porn, which has little to do with real-life lesbians.

  iMuffinKat  |  16

Yeah if he breaks up with you because your mom is lesbian, he's not worth it. It would've only led to later problems if you disagree with his homophobia now.