By Anonymous - 26/01/2012 16:45 - United States

Today, I accidentally slammed a door on my own arm flab. FML
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I can't even picture that happening. But that must have really REALY hurt. I assume your talking about the tricep part of your arm. We had a kid during my football practices who pinch us there and that hurt so much. Can't even imagine slamming a door shut on it.

This wouldn't have happened if someone was wearing their arm flab protectors. Lesson learned.

Maybe the person WAS extremely obese and now lost weight so quickly that their skin hangs. Happens to a lot of morbidly obese who have gariatric surgery or whatever it's called.

I'm so sorry OP but picturing it kinda makes me chuckle.. Obviously that must've hurt. Fyl

Hit the gym. Luckily, for you ladies, the triceps and arms are the easiest and fastest parts of the body to build up or tone.

It happens because she is fat. Get some exercise fatty

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Maybe OP slammed the door with their back against it and his arm skin got caught in it. For this to happen he would have had to lose at little bit of weight, since I imagine it would require at least some loose skin. The faster you drop the pounds, the more loose skin you end up with. The only thing you can really do about it is give it time. Building muscle can help fill it out a little, but unless you end up at the size you were before, it'll still be there. Regardless, I can't even begin to imagine how much that must have hurt.

I'm not really sure how this could happen. I'm flabbergasted.

Flabbergasted makes MUCH more sense than flubbergasted, since it has the word "flab" in it. Very punny.

"old people" surgery??? ;) Gastric bypass....

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Did the arm flab cause the door to bounce off slamming the other way, too?

He or she is a ****** idiot thats how it happened

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Do your arm flabs hang low, do they wabble to and fro?

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Can you tie em in a knot, can you tie em in a bow.

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Maybe OP already did. This scenario is more likely if he was formerly overweight.

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I'm not trying to bash on your comment 2, but it's not really that gross, arm flab can be the result of many different things, it's really a natural thing for some people, it would be if they were one of those people who are to lazy to clean between their fat folds, now that would be disgusting.

OP may not even be fat, they could just have un-toned arms. Either way, lift some weights OP...

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What does OP stand for? Anyone?

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It be cool if your arm flans were like wings. Then you could fly. But then we run into adifferent problem you'll lose weight flying

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overweight doesnt cause flabby arms op just has no muscle. Train your arms and you will lose both.

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Can you throw them over your shoulder like a continental soldier. ;)

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More cushion for the pushin'?

Actually, flabs on your arm don't always mean fat or obese. Sometimes, it's the result of losing much weight after formally being obese, or near close to it, resulting leftover skin to hang. True story.

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And I thought Yoda was suppose to be wise.

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Why is it okay to tell OP to lose weight, but this person gets thumbed down for calling OP fatty?

Just sayin whats on my mind put down the burger and go for a run

The creepy guy in my closet makes me say/write it with the force.

139- No but that guy with a knife behind you is.

Damn that really sucks. Sounds painful. Sorry to hear that. Maybe it's time to Curl some weights? Either way. FYL.

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Ouch, that might be a sign to kinda-sorta do something about that

How in the world did you manage to do that? It doesn't even seem like it would be physically possible..

10 - Gained lots of weight then lost lots of weight causing loose skin in areas that were stretched out a lot due to fat. C'mon you should know that, you're a nurse

She meant how do you slam it on yourself. That does seem to take quite some skill.

51- like the episode of family guy where stewie goes on steroids

62 - I am not a nurse. I don't even know where you would get that from. I'm a Vet assistant. I work with animals, not people.

Or the one where Peter has a stroke and when he gets in his car he slams his paralyzed arm in the door and drives away with it flapping in the wind